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Home Opinion AYID 2023: Will The Young Technocrat Get The Chance TO SHINE?- By Mallam Naini Musa
AYID 2023: Will The Young Technocrat Get The Chance TO SHINE?- By Mallam Naini Musa

AYID 2023: Will The Young Technocrat Get The Chance TO SHINE?- By Mallam Naini Musa



It is hard to ignore the tide sweeping its way into Bindawa/Mani Federal constituency. A young technocrat, Ahmad Yusuf Doro, popularly referred to as “AYID” has certainly made himself noticed via torrents of actions including massive donations and interventions for disaster struck societies. In trying times like these, the trained Engineer has engineered many things to uplift some people and ease the suffering of others. Will he choose to contest to represent the people of Bindawa/Mani Federal constituency, a chair some people have already prophesized in his favor? Or will he stick to his current path?

Well as per as choice goes, he would not have to choose one or the other. Good leadership is a lot like philanthropy, with some obvious give and takes. Good leaders like philanthropists better the lives of those they come in contact with. While in leadership one has to gauge his generosity, having it as a trait will do much more good than having none of it.

Ahmad is a trained Engineer, specializing in computer science Engineering (CSE) . He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science engineering from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh. Ahmad was a respected student in all of his engagement in student unions and societies. He was a former president of the Nigerian student community in his University. And in his final year in University, Ahmad was elected by his compatriots to represent them in the student parliament of international student society, where he was elected as its president.

After his graduation from University, the respected student leader returned home and delved right into what he knows best; leading and mobilizing for a cause. He was very instrumental in the 2015 election in Katsina, as well as at the National level. His leadership qualities as well as his skill in IT gave him the advantage in the projects he undertook, where top Katsina politicians saw firsthand what an asset the young Engineer was. This raised him head and shoulders above his peers as many jostle for stake in their campaign contributions for the then opposition party, APC.

After the 2015 elections, Ahmad turned his eyes toward entrepreneurship. He delved into IT and Agriculture where he achieved lots of personal success away from the public eye. Today, he is an established entrepreneur plying his trade nationally. However, what remained constant where ever he went is his continuous attempt to touch the lives of people whenever fate gave him a chance.

Those who went to University with Ahmad will tell you of his leadership qualities; he immerses himself in the absolute servitude of those he represents. A gentle person by nature, Ahmad does all he can do avoid coming in collision with anyone, but when there is a collision, he does not back an inch.

There is an interesting tale of one of his struggle as member of the International Student Society of his University. Ahmad and his friends had to defend the right of some students who were denied a program in the university. After weeks of negotiations in which the Vice Chancellor refused his demands, Ahmad and others devised a cunning plan that took the vice chancellor by surprise. Luckily for the student leaders, the university’s annual sports event was on that weekend. Top diplomats of some of the world’s most influential leaders were to be in attendance, including the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia who is the chief target of their plan.

Ahmad and his friends quickly plotted a boycott of the event by all International students of the University. The ambassadors were shocked when they could not see their countrymen. Next, Ahmad and his friends organized a march under one banner for all the international students with placards demanding for the rights of the students. The march ended with a letter presented to the diplomats explaining everything. The vice chancellor was struck by the most elaborate scheme concocted by the cerebral power of a slender looking student leader in the person of Ahmad and his friends. This scheme was so good that by the end of the day they got what he wanted.

The above story reminds me of Mel Gibson’s performance in the top Hollywood movie “We were soldiers” where he gave a speech that he would be the first person off the chopper and the last boot off the ground. That, dead or alive, he will not leave anyone behind. Those who fought in the trenches with Ahmad in his struggle in University and afterwards will tell you of this quality. He is adamantly loyal to those he served in those trenches. In any battle, it may take him long to achieve those victories but they surely come. And that no matter what, dead or alive, he never leaves anyone behind.

The precedent set by the present representatives from katsina leaves so many things to be desired. In 2021, our representatives from Katsina only accounted for 1% of total bills passed. Pinned down by poverty and devastating insecurity challenges, Katsina representatives ought to be top of the pyramid. According to those who know and support Ahmad’s ambitions, he is the cure. They say his nature is completely averse to complacency.

AYID’s philanthropic adventures has cast many of his people in a spell binding them loyally to his cause. His intervention in Mani for victims of cholera outbreak highlights his priorities. If you factor-in his achievements when entrusted with the opportunity to lead, you will understand why there is a buzz around this man. Only in his early thirties, this man is perhaps a gem unearthed from the fertile soil of Doro. Whether he will get the opportunity to prove himself remains to be seen but already with an army of supporters, AYID is making heads turn in Bindawa/Mani federal constituency.

Mallam Naini Musa

Mallam Naini Musa is a writer and social critic.

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IG : @nnainii
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