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Home Opinion A tribute to my late father – Pharmacist Ahmadu Ibrahim Maigari FPSN (1965 – 2015)
A tribute to my late father – Pharmacist Ahmadu Ibrahim Maigari FPSN (1965 – 2015)

A tribute to my late father – Pharmacist Ahmadu Ibrahim Maigari FPSN (1965 – 2015)


Father’s day: A tribute to my late father – Pharmacist Ahmadu Ibrahim Maigari FPSN (1965 – 2015) – By Abdulaziz Ibrahim

When i was kid, I was told that i used to be stubborn; I wrestled with my junior brother when he was a new-born baby; I jumped from wardrobe over him; my mum always kept away all her cosmetics because I used to abusing it.

By the time I joined primary school, I continued my stubbornness and feared no one. I always had bruises over my body. My father disciplined me all the time for the infuriating juvenile delinquency. During that time, out of pure childishness i hated the corporal punishment i used to receive from my dad for my recalcitrant attitude. Fearful of being caned with “Doruna” i became adversarial fugitive to my father.

During my secondary school, my intimacy to my father started growing so much that i became close which resulted in me attending many business and political meetings with him as son and mutual friend – he introduced me to his business partners and many politicians.

He used to tell his friends that i am a politician – then I was a Senator representing my Faculty in the SUG Parliament, ATBU Bauchi and Chief Whip of the house. Prior to that, I have actively participated either as Executive, parliament or Elcom member in NAKATSS national body and ATBU local chapter and Departmental and Faculty associations. My dad also introduced me to Senator Abu Ibrahim whom i later served as his personal assistant. While Senator Abu Ibrahim was senate Minority whip and CPC caucus leader in the 7th National Assembly, I was the chief whip of SUG parliament and chairman of special duties committee of NAKATSS-ATBU. My committee organised a symposium and public lecture held at Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina (UMYU) as part of NAKATSS-ATBU activities (Due to the distance between Katsina to Bauchi, we hosted the event in Katsina). The former dean of student affairs, currently Vice chancellor of UMYU Professor Sanusi Mamman and the former Executive Secretary of Petroleum Technology Development Fund currently chair of pleasant library- Dr Muttaqha Rabe Darma presented and discussed a paper at the event. We also generated revenue from launching of our maiden magazine – the spotlight. These event are attributed to the zeal, encouragement and support of my father. Of course other political mentors are part of this journey. Senator Abu Ibrahim and i became close and started political discussion which we are still doing up-till-now.

As a student, I enjoyed mingling with politicians in Katsina and Abuja courtesy of my dad. I can remember as Secretary General of my departmental association, I organised the first field-trip to Abuja where we visited FCDA, AGIS, NITP headquarters, Urban and Regional Planning Tribunal and University of Abuja. I personally met the heads of all these organisations and delivered introductory letters and discuss the need of our courtesy visits. I was accompanied by my father in all of these courtesy struggles. He became my trusted friend whom he mostly consulted before taking decision.

During my undergraduate external defence, the examiner was elated with my work and offered me the opportunity to join academics – that he will personally find me job either in ATBU or FUTY (now MAUTECH). I declined. I told the examiner that I am passionate to join the police or military and not academics. I don’t know how that incident reached out to my father who later called me on phone and pleaded with me to accept the job if given to me. He encouraged me to further my education up to PhD level – which I only heard him but wasn’t my intention yet. Later destiny found me to work as a researcher and currently a doctoral candidate. On this, I know that if Baba was alive, he would be proud to see his Son doing PhD. At least i am doing what he dreamt of me.

My father passed-on on the 6th of April 2015, a week after General Buhari won his presidential election. Two weeks to my father’s death while on a medical vocation in Dubai, he told my elder brother that he was happy he is going to die without winning his House of Representatives election in 1999 and 2003. He said that he was also happy to die as private citizen and owes nothing to Government. My dad only works four years in Government at the eve of his career after NYSC in early 80’s and personally resigned to build his own business. He said that He owes no one a kobo but some people owe him money and gave to my brother, their names and phone numbers which he saved in his phone. The phone was stolen on their way back to Nigeria and up-till-now, none of these people return a kobo to the family from what he owe them. That is today’s life. He lived an average life where he had money today and doesn’t tomorrow. He lived well and exemplary life with his neighbors, family and friends. He always cautioned us on bribery and cheating. On his famous video during a ceremony on award conferred on him few weeks before his death, he cautioned participants that “if you cheat a fellow man, you will account for it on the day of resurrection”.

My father will be remembered from the perspective of his profession and family bridge-building. Professionally, he was the third person from Katsina state to be awarded fellowship of the Pharmacist Society of Nigeria (FPSN) after Ambasador Tanimu Saulawa FPSN and Professor Abdullahi Mustapha FPSN. He served as state chair of the society for over a decade before moving to Abuja and served as national executive member.

During my father’s tenure as national exco member of the society, he uplifted the image of the society by introducing them to the leadership of the National Assembly where they met with Senate President David Mark and Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. His active political involvement made the Pharmacist Society of Nigeria stronger and its voice heard.

As a bridge-builder, my father, and his brother late Gambo Ibrahim Maigari will be remembered as co-authors of Hambali Family Clan – a historical book that recollect and integrate family descendent of Unguwar Alkali from its ancestor Muhammadu Shomo.

Shomo, was a fulani herder, Islamic teacher and a friend of Shehu Usman bin Fodio who came from Futa Jalo and first reside in Makurdi, close to Abukur LGA of Katsina. On the formation of Sokoto caliphate, Shehu Usman bin Fodio found his friend Muhammadu Shomo was death. Then he requested and enthroned his grand child – Alkali Ahmadu Hambali to serve as Judge of Katsina. The grandchild, upon his formal position, moved to Katsina and thus formed the Unguwar Alkali.

Baba was pleased with me just like my siblings before his final departure. Baba was a friend and ally. May almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and grand him eternal rest in Jannah.

Abdulaziz Ibrahim is a PhD candidate at the Nottingham Trent University, UK. He could be reach via email:


  1. This is an excellent tribute to a father who lived a simple and honest life. May Allah forgive his shortcomings. Best wishes to Abdulaziz on his program!


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