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Home Opinion Banditry: Fighting Fire Power With Patience And Prayers
Banditry: Fighting Fire Power With Patience And Prayers

Banditry: Fighting Fire Power With Patience And Prayers


Banditry: Fighting Fire Power With Patience And Prayers – By Malam Naini Musa 

Plato said “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” It used to be violence in the name of God, and then in the name of greed and loot, and then it was in the name of civilization, and then in the name of democracy and now, we in the North-west are suffering the wrath of war for no apparent reason. While murderers of one or two people are rotting in prison cells, there seem to be no accountability for these mass murderers (slaughtering us). They are apparently lobbied, negotiated with and simply requested to desist. Basically all majors short of accountability and elimination.

One would not simply argue that our leaders are some satanic demons who love the blood shedding of their citizens and in their sadism just simply let it carry on. No, I think the reason might be a tad less sinister. Most of these people are believers in God and the divine sanctity of life. And I do believe that none of them gets any satisfaction from these senseless deaths. None of them has been proven to be a psychopath with that nature and until there is irrefutable evidence suggesting so, we will continue to search for answers as to why they are (effectively) unresponsive to this tragedy.

Just listening to them talk, you can see the empathy. I think one of them even cried in front of his own people. It was a sad sight. These people have articulated their feelings towards these tragedies and it is vehemently on the side of the oppressed, against the oppressors. Only if some of them were messiahs, they would have lifted our sufferings with a snap of the finger and all will be healed. I even heard a spokesman for one of the Northern governor’s say that whenever the governor hears of a story of a person getting kidnapped, the governor slumps into sorrow for the rest of the day. I must admit I have a lot of sympathy for the governor, with the rate of kidnap these days, the guy is miserable every day of the year.

Plato’s observation must be addressed though. Why is humanity swift in hounding killers of one but casual with mass murders? How long has it been since a bill was passed and signed by some state governors allocating the death sentence for banditry and kidnapping? I for one have not seen or heard of a single man hanged or shot by firing squad in any state in the federation. I bet it would not take long before you see a print in the newspaper of another man condemned to the gallows for killing one person. What does this say about our values? Kill one and you will get your due but kill many more and we will let it slide?

Another thing that bothers me is this amazing generosity of our leaders to rehabilitate perpetrators of these heinous crimes but give no compensation to victims. What is that about? Surely not justice, or maybe not justice the way rational minds understand it. Imagine the daftness of some of these policies. Who makes these policies? You would have to be dining with the Anti-Christs to make sense of these things. Kill a couple of people, ruin some lives and you get treated with kid gloves and passed through some amazing clinical system with some capacity development. However, if you get scared by trauma after seeing your husband beheaded or your daughter raped or your entire family eliminated, we will just stick you into an IDP camp and feed you the worst possible food in the process stripping you of your dignity.

The leaders are in the position to tackle these issues and the people being led bear the brunt of their action and inactions. We simply do not have the time and patience to wait around while you think these things through. You either have solutions or you don’t. However, if you persists in your request to keep calm, pray and stay patient while you resolve these things, I will suggest a solution; since you are the ones that think patience, calmness and prayer is the solution, why don’t you trade positions with the victims, you pray, stay calm and have patience while they make decisions about your lives.

I hate to be a skeptic but if you do not have the right formula, I have no faith in your chances of arriving at the right answer. The people in charge of our lives are arrogant, defensive and grossly incompetent. Not only that, their arrogant nature has blocked us from the only human solution to this problem; they must stop feigning awareness, admit their ignorance and employ the help of capable people who can steer this nightmare away. It is unlikely that they would take this suggestion though. Because by their nature, ignorant people are arrogant. And vice versa. If only they knew they would not behave the way they do and in the manner they do.

We do have to take responsibility for voting you into power. That is a mandate we should have been stingy and more selective in giving out. The deed is done and here we are bearing the brunt of that action. You lot should however be reminded that you will answer to Allah SWA for you own actions. You will be able today to employ spokesmen to talk on your behalf. Some of you are even filling our media houses with your dogs, barking your praises. But neither your spokesmen nor dogs can stand in for you on the day of judgement. You will face God stripped of your ego and entitlements and then we will see how benevolent you are.

Mallam Naini Musa

Mallam Naini Musa is a writer and Social critic.


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