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Home Opinion DCG Aminu Kofar Soro: A Honourable Exit From NSCDC – By Alhassan A. Bala

DCG Aminu Kofar Soro: A Honourable Exit From NSCDC – By Alhassan A. Bala


DCG Aminu Kofar Soro: A Honourable Exit From NSCDC – By Alhassan A. Bala 

Giants strides made by man are usually relieved with pomp and pageantry. while some roll out the milestone amidst glass clinging. Some play the breakthrough low but all in praises and in anticipation of better future ahead. In this momentous instance, the success story always overshadows the nauseating hurdles and barricades accompanying such feats. Naturally some people excel in various ways of life, they standout in anything they venture into, they are shining light, they shape their environment and their world.

However, despite the society convulsion threatening the survival of the contemporary society one can still boast of great men as few as they are who stand tall in the society. Men who write their names in gold while others write in charcoal in the heart of thousands of people, they can never be forgotten the name and good deeds of such men will always shine stars.

History is full of testimonies, promises and antecedents that many important people across the world have been remembered for various reasons, and for becoming outstanding in human affairs, some for their simplicity, others for their generosity, many more for their compassion and still others for commendable act.

It is in this light that I bring you the DCG Aminu Abdullahi Kofar Soro of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) as he pull out of the NSCDC, he is always willing to serve, rather than to be served. I mean to serve the humanity and the country despite the fact that the way is thorny, slippery, narrow, dusty, but easy, having in mind people like Kofar Soro.

He started life with a humble beginning and by a dint of hard work, strong determination and dedication providence or nature lifted hum unto his present enviable position of National and International repute.

The Katsina state born officer rose through ranks to reach the position of Deputy Commandant general of the Nigeria security and Civil Defence corps NSCDC, Kofar Soro served as Commandant in Niger and the FCT.

During his time at FCT Vandalism and stealing of public properties like manhole covers, electric wares among others was on lowest level. He also introduces a post for personnel at most public infrastructures to ensure their state and protection.

His diligence, commitment and hard work was the instrumental to his well-deserved promotion to Assistant Commandant general NSCDC which he served as ACG operation, during his time as ACG operations the Barayan Katsina rekindle the moral of the officers and men of the corps, public infrastructures were well protected and pipeline vandalism reduced to the barest minimum. Kofar Soro as ACG operations was behind the peace talk between the corps and Niger Delta avengers, which he was the leading personality and success of the peace talk that led to the stoppage of pipeline Vandalism and bombing by Niger Delta avengers.

KofarSoro in 2015 was among top military and paramilitary officers sent to North East, which he led men and officers of the corps as ordered by president Muhammadu Buhari to protect IDP camps and communities captured by the Nigerian army from Boko Haram terrorists. During his stay all the Borno IDP camps were well protected as he is always with his men and officers and also ensure the protection of lives and properties in the area he was given order to protect.

These unprecedented achievement led to his promotion as Deputy Commandant General Nigeria security and Civil Defence corps.

DCG Kofar Soro is one of the few security chiefs who stood firm to ensure that they are not swallowed by the position they occupy, or the power they muster, the chance they got, the excuses they may give, the financial status they may possess, and the institutions they may have as defenders. Many others in his shoes, got intoxicated by the unlimited paraphernalia of power and ultimately got swallowed shrewdly by their positions thereby, forgetting their roles as people that were saddled with responsibility of protecting lives and properties.

DCG Kofar Soro Described by most people in and outside the security circle as gentle, generous, humble, and trustworthy and down -to- earth, Abdullahi Kofar Soro no doubt, displayed high and esteemed leadership qualities which endeared him, not only of officers and men of the service but also for all that close his path.

Believed widely as a person who matches his er words with sustained action, Aminu Kofar Soro is one of the few leaders who have never been involved in any form of scandal, dishonesty or betray of public trust, traits reminiscence of most our modern public office holders, These must be the reason the Katsina Emirate Crown him as Barayan Katsina.

Kofar Soro as he is fondly called by his admirers combines a rare academic capability with administrative and organizational ability. This is evident in the many strategic administrative positions and challenges had been given over the years in his public life and he has discharged with fortitude and uncommon success.

In his success story, few people erroneously tend to view it as if he employed underhand tactics to achieve them and, in the process, underestimate his midas touch. The fact remains that he attained his present height through dint of hard work and unparalleled exhibition of moral discipline.

By any benchmark one deploys to assess him, and in whatever clime in our firmament of the planet earth, DGC Aminu Abdullahi Kofar Soro , is a stunning success, a unique gift to NSCDC and he deserve to be celebrated by all and sundry as he pulled from the public service after years of unblemished record.

Bala wrote in from Abuja and can be reached


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