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Home Opinion Mahdi’s Soap Opera Episode 4 – By Shamsudeen S. Ahmed
Mahdi’s Soap Opera Episode 4 – By Shamsudeen S. Ahmed

Mahdi’s Soap Opera Episode 4 – By Shamsudeen S. Ahmed


Mahdi’s Soap Opera Episode 4 – By Shamsudeen S. Ahmed 

I’ve alluded earlier that Mahadi is not in any way a match of Rtd Hon. Aminu Bello Masari. In recap, Masari had over the last 40 years been a public servant as well as an Executive Governor. In all the posts Masari had held, there wasn’t a single corruption allegation against him, as against the melodrama actor whom if we dig down the pit of good character, may be found wanting and or probably if entrusted with public trust, might abuse it.

I emphasized and still maintain that Mahadi is only entertaining his inexperienced audience with his sycophantic melodrama. For doubt avoidance, let me remind you of how things are currently done. The State Governor and his deputy under the amended 1999 constitution have immunity. Thus, they can not be sued before the court, but the allegations of various kind, be it financial, of incompetence, etc can be brought to the State Assembly for investigation.

When such allegations are proved beyond reasonable doubt, the impeachment process can then be initiated. On the other hand, any Executive officer in the administration apart from the the 2 earlier mentioned can be sued, and petitioned in any of the anti corruption bodies of the land. The petitioner can follow up his allegations to logical conclusion, and can secure conviction where he is able to prove beyond reasonable doubt with evidence not narrations. Otherwise judgment might turn against him and be compiled to pay damages.

Unfortunately, due to inadequate knowledge and experience, Mahadi’s audience failed to advise him to do any of the previous options. Rather they kept chanting “take Mahadi to court”, so he could gain the cheap political relevance that he is targeting. Unluckily for him, he is an amateur in the game of politics.

The CNG did him a favour by presenting to the State State house of Assembly their plea to investigate Mahadi’s allegations. The Assembly welcomed the CNG’s recommendation and gave a date for Mahadi to appear before it, with full assurance of maximum security protection. Sadly, he defied them and never showed up. This simply amplified the fact that his serial episodes are nothing but a tall tale to entertain his Audience.

Mahadi claimed to be a good Muslim with good intentions. Regrettably , he was wrong. The one who speaks the truth doesn’t swear at every occasion. Let’s look at the Islamic perspective of advising rulers to awake him.

“If you see a man supplicating against the ruler, know that he is a person of desire (meaning a person from Ahlu Bidah), and if you see a man supplicating for the ruler, know that he is a Sunni (meaning from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah) In sha Allah.”  (Sharh Al-Sunnah p113, 114).

“Whoever wants to advise a leader/ruler with a matter, do not do it outwardly but let him take him by the hand and go into seclusion with him. If he accepts it from him, then that is good and if not then he (the adviser) has fulfilled that which was upon him to do.” (MuSnad of Ahmad, as-Sunnah of Ibn Abee Aa’sim, authenticated by al-Albaanee. )

In the above hadeeth, the prophet said “if (the ruler) accepts it (the advice) from him (the ruler’s subject) then that (is good) and if not then he (the adviser) has fulfilled that which was upon him (to do)”.

Advising the leader in a private manner- which is between the leader and the adviser- and then going out to spread what transpired amongst the people by the adviser is Islamically prohibited based on the following points:

Once when Ibn Aamir was delivering a sermon and he was wearing a fine garment. So Abu Bilaal said ‘Look at our ruler wearing the garment of the sinners!’ So Abu Bakrah said ‘Be Silent!! I heard the Messenger of Allah say ” Whoever sends scorn upon the one whom Allah has given rulership to upon the earth, Allah will scorn him.’ Hasan by Shaykh Albaani in Ibn Abee Asim’s As Sunnah.

In conclusion, I commend Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari for totally ignoring Mahadi, noting that he is just a puppet that isn’t worth responding to. Those that replied to him were in between amateur or professional political players. Professionalism in politics is knowing when to say, act or remain silent. Professional politicians do not respond to destructive criticism.



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