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Home Opinion Mahdi VS Katsina Gov’t : A Non-sycophant View On Governor Aminu Bello Masari – By Isa Bn Salisu
Mahdi VS Katsina Gov’t : A Non-sycophant View On Governor Aminu Bello Masari – By Isa Bn Salisu

Mahdi VS Katsina Gov’t : A Non-sycophant View On Governor Aminu Bello Masari – By Isa Bn Salisu


A Non-sycophant View On Governor Aminu Bello Masari – By Isa Bn Salisu

One Mahadi Shehu, an indigene of Katsina state who based in Kaduna has been making serious and monotonous allegations against Masari led-administration. These chargess border largely on financial misappropriation, illegal award of contact etc.

Masari has been in politics for almost three decades. For instance he was commissioner for works, housing and transport during Alh Saidu Barda stint as the first democratically elected governor of Katsina state between 1992 and 1993 during the Nigerian Third Republic. A state he is now serving his second term in office as governor.

On the return of democracy rule in 1999 he was a member of the House of Representatives. The house he subsequently served as the Speaker for good four years successfully.

Throughout his stay in civil service and now in politics he has never been charged and proved to be corrupt. If he is one, he would have been corrupt when he was piloting the affairs of the Green Chamber at a time when he was much younger and was nursing governorship ambition. It was at that time 2005 the whole Senate president Adolphus Wabara had to resign for allegedly being bribed by the then minister of Education to facilitate passage of the annual budget for the ministry.

Many members of the national assembly were allegedly involved. They were immediately fired from chairing their respective committees. Even the minister involved was relieved. Interestingly, the then Speaker Masari was not in any way entangled even when he had financial task (of 2007 governorship contest) ahead of him.

Even though, Governor Masari is clearly not corrupt but the way he is indifferent to some members of his cabinet who are believed to be corrupt raises alot of questions than answers. He should sack them even the way president Buhari reluctantly sacked Babachir Lawal, former Secretary to the Government of the Federation. Commendably, PMB has few months ago suspended Ibrahim Magu EFCC acting Chairman for allegedly re-looting recovered funds. Bad eggs are found everywhere. You are only to blame when you refuse to do the needful.

” In the circumstances, a responsible government must face realities and take tough decisions.” These were the recent words of President Muhammad Buhari on the Nigerian 60th Independence Anniversary.

To Mahadi, the manner to which he perpetually portrays his accusations are needless except if he wants to release 1000 video clips. Or probably he does it solely for political ground and blackmailing APC led- government and his home state at large. Perhaps, All he needs to do is to gather all his levelled plea no matter how bulky and lengthy they may be. Submit them to the authorities concerned be it EFCC, Court or wherever he believes justice can be achieved. He should continue thence, to mount pressure on them to do their work dispassionately.

Releasing limited number of visual clips sounding warning might help. This is far better than what he is doing now. Although to some, his released videos have attracted so many good things. Notably is the payment of bursary allowance to Katsina state indigenes studying at tertiary level. Every ministry is now cautious in the way it spends and handles contract.

I have watched one of the clips. He allegdes that each of Governor Masari’s (three) wives has thirty (30) Special Assistants making 90 altogether. This is blatant lie. For Masari is one of few governors who does not run Family and Friend Government. Neither his immediate nor his extended family influences any appointment or action of his government.

An ancient Greek philosopher Socrates says “Every action has its pleasures and its price” Thus, Mahadi may be compelled to pay the price or taste the consequences of his actions. More so, Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Tukur Burtai is already on the way to court for Mahadi claims that Buratai collected in cash the sum of 250 million from Masari as a gift.

How could a government make such a huge transaction in cash? This is unbelievable. There are a lot of things when listening to the video clip will make one stop watching. Either lack of substantial evidence of his numerous condemnation or saying something that is totally unacceptable. Notwithstanding, no government is 100% perfect, yet Governor Masari’s humility should not be taken for granted.

Finally, to make allegations is one thing but to prove it in the court of competent jurisdiction is another. If Mahadi means well and is sincere he should have gathered lawyers, sue the officers in question instead of fallacious narratives. Apparently he does it for attraction and he has successfully riduced himself as conduit for an over ambitious character. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I ended up where I need to be.

Thank you for finding my piece worth reading.


  1. We trust mahadi because he has facts at hand,the so called officials in question should prove not guilty of the charges


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