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Home Opinion Katsina Bomb Blast: A Red Sky in The Morning, Shepherd’s Warning – By Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez
Katsina Bomb Blast: A Red Sky in The Morning, Shepherd’s Warning – By Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez

Katsina Bomb Blast: A Red Sky in The Morning, Shepherd’s Warning – By Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez


Katsina Bomb Blast: A Red Sky in The Morning, Shepherd’s Warning – By Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez

The devastating news of bomb explosion in Katsina state in a broad day light, hit the airwaves like a hurricane. In a remote community of Yammama village, which is a stone throw away from Malumfashi Local Government Area, the explosion cut short the lives and dreams of Seven promising young children and several other recorded casualties, innocently weeding grass in a farmyard to eke out living. Though Katsina state has over the recent time been on the headlines of brutal banditry attacks, I however feel emotionally bankrupt as insecurity in the now hostile bandits territory is taking a new dimension. The fact that bomb explosion is not a familiar act of terror in Katsina state created a more stronger anxiety across communities of the state.

The sound from the bomb explosion had reverberated over the sleeping village of Yammama as efficiently as a thunder clap. The incident appeared very strange to the people as it is totally out of their life experience. The people maybe very familiar with gunfire sounds constantly attributed to present of bandits, but never have they witnessed bomb blast which is only reported in Katsina by printed and electronics medias the people relied on for information.

The people’s hand radios for instance are always at their company to tune up to BBC Hausa and catch the latest updates of bomb blast and insurgency in the Northeastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. Today, Katsina state has waking up to witness the deadly act of Bomb explosion right at their doorsteps. It is not longer a reported news on their hand radios and other media outlets. It is a strange reality seeking a new abode in Katsina state.

Katsina state is yet to ride out of the storm of bandits brutality. Katsina state is yet to figure out the right formula to neutralize banditry in the state. The state state is yet to come out of the wood of massive burial, kidnappings and internal displacement of its residents. It is unimaginably horrible if the bomb blast in Katsina state has something to do with Northeastern Boko Haram group marking their presence in Katsina state. If the bomb blast at Yammama is a siren to signal and usher in the reign of Boko Haram terror, then Katsina state and its neighboring states of Zamfara and Kaduna are in big mess.

Bandits activities in Katsina state has claimed thousands of lives, rendered thousands homeless and turned hundreds of women and children widows and orphans. Less than a week ago, the District Head of Batsari Local Government of Katsina state, in his interview with BBC Hausa made a sad remark of the ugly outcomes of bandits attacks in Batsari community.

In his revelation, the traditional ruler lamented bitterly of the community been reduced to harboring 600 widows and 2,000 orphans, mostly young children whose fathers met their ends at the hands of bandits. These widows and orphans in Batsari are today not just rendered fatherless, but equally homeless. With the community not longer secure for inhabitants, these widows and orphans now squat around in a scattered pile of concrete held together by fractured planks of wood. Seeking refuge in any broken, run-down house that is still standing. Living every moment of their lives in constant fear of death. These devastating conditions is not restricted to Batsari local government alone. It cut across Faskari, Jibia, Dan Musa and other bandits prone areas across the state. The worst can only be imagine if Boko Haram group are let to storm these areas.

Perhaps the threats and damages posed by the Boko Haram group in the far Northeast might have so soon vanished from our memories, that we can wactch the group comfortably pitch their tents in Katsina state. The towns of Maiduguri, Gowza and Bama are skeletons, stripped off their flesh long ago by the Boko Haram beasts. The streets of Chibok, Auno, Banki, Gudumbali and Baga that once thronged with life stood empty as residents fleed communities in search of safe haven. All that is left in these areas are the concrete structures, no glass, no wood, nothing the Boko Haram scavengers could use. It will be a double jeopardy for a banditry ravaging Katsina state, should the Boko haram group extend their tentacles to the state.

The bombings that today rendered Northeastern states a ‘No Go’ areas also rare its ugly head just like the Yammama bomb blast. When Boko Haram terror all started with suicide bombers in the Northeast, it was at first underrated and overlooked. The Nigeria government let the grass of bombing grow right under her feet. Today the government have little or no control over neutralizing the Boko Haram group. The group has turn out to be deadly enough to gain international recognition. Indeed “Dan hakin daka raina shike tsole maka ido” (the branch of tree you belittle will eventually blind your eyes). Nigeria government underrated Boko Haram group at the very initial stage and let the group grow wings beyond apprehension.

With the Yammama bomb blast, the people and government of Katsina state, Federal government and security operatives must now wake up from their eternal slumber before the situation get out of hands. Katsina state cannot afford to go into similar experience with the likes of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe. We cannot afford watching markets, schools, worship centres and streets rendered empty by insurgency. Banditry is already acting out its scripts of bloodbaths in Katsina state. The wounds inflicted by bandits are still very fresh and unhealed. We cannot afford welcoming another deadly act of terror in the name of bomb blast. Federal government should with immediate effect come in and treat the situation with an iron fist. A red sky in the morning, Shepard’s warning!

Comrade Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu
Political and Human Rights Activist


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