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Home TOP NEWS SS2 female student allegedly died from teacher’s beating in Katsina
SS2 female student allegedly died from teacher’s beating in Katsina

SS2 female student allegedly died from teacher’s beating in Katsina


SS2 female student allegedly died from teacher’s beating in Katsina 

An SS2 student of Government Girls Arabic Secondary School Fago in Sandamu Local Government Area of Katsina State, Fatima Tasi’u, reportedly fell sick and thereafter died after she was beaten by their Mathematics teacher, according to a Daily Trust report.

Daily Trust Saturday gathered that the maths teacher, Abubakar Suleiman, also known as Sikiti, was not a full-time teacher or casual staff but was engaged through a private arrangement by the principal of the school for a monthly stipend of N5,000.

While narrating the incident that led to his daughter’s death, Malam Tasi’u Maikano who resides in Kofar Bai in Katsina town said he was called by one of the vice principals of the school on February 13 to come to the school because Fatima wasn’t feeling fine.

Maikano arranged with some relatives and embarked on the 2-hour journey to the school. On getting there, he was informed that Fatima’s health condition worsened when she fell down after an evening bath. They said she may have been hit by evil spirits.

On seeing his daughter, he shelved his earlier decision of taking her back to Katsina for medical care and drove straight to Daura General Hospital which was less than 15 minutes drive from the school. No sooner had they arrived, than the doctor on duty confirmed her dead.

Maikano called the vice principal to inform him of what had happened and took the long ride back to Katsina town to begin her funeral rights and burial the next day, February 14.

Four days after her burial, Maikano said he asked for his late daughter’s school bag and books. While going through them, he came across a diary which the students refer to as ‘slum book’ where they sometimes document their daily activities.

In the last page, the late Fatima had written in Hausa “Allah Sarki ranar Alhamis munzo firef akaci miyi lilin muka yi malam Abu sikitu ya bugimu har ya fasni ko ma goshi banda lafia ina masassara da ciwon baya kamar na mutu” which translates in English as “God is great. On Thursday at prep, we were asked to kneel down. Abu Sikiti beat us and I got wounded, I’m down with fever and my back aches like I’m dying.”

Speaking with Daily Trust Saturday, the deceased’s father said “When I came across this note, I became confused and called the vice principal and told him about it.

“When I didn’t hear from him after 15 minutes, I decided to go to the school with some of my relatives. He later called but I refused to pick it until we got to the school.

“On our way to the school, one of Fatima’s friends called me to find out how she was doing and I told her she’s dead. I heard her and the others burst into tears. I was shocked to learn that no one heard of her death.

“When we got to the school, I showed them what she recorded on her ‘slum book’ and the principal later arranged some students who came and narrated that Fatima came out of the toilet, collapsed and fell sick thereafter.

“However, one of her classmates later told the gathering how the math teacher flogged them for not doing their homework, and when it got to Fatima’s turn, she begged not to be flogged on her back but hands,” he said.

Maikano said “What annoyed me was the principal and the teacher’s move to cover up what really happened. My family is pained because of that. Another thing was the school authority not doing enough during her sickness. Records show she wasn’t even taken to the school’s dispensary or Fago Town hospital or to Daura for proper medical attention.

“More painful was their inability to come and condole with us during the funeral. The vice principal came four days after on his way to Dutsinma while the principal sent a message that she will come next week. Even her friends were not told she’s dead.”

The family reported the matter to the state ministry of education and all parties were summoned for a meeting.

The embattled teacher Abubakar during the meeting admitted flogging all the students who did not do their home work.

“When I came to flog her, she told me that I can only flog her on her palms which I did. This is all I know.

Speaking on the matter, the principal – Fatima Yakubu, attributed her inability to visit the bereaved family to ill health.

For Maikano, what has happened has happened and no action will bring his daughter back to life but he says action must be taken to serve as deterrent to officials who do not take proper care of children and wards entrusted in their care.

All efforts to get the reaction of the state commissioner of Education, Dr Badamasi Charanchi, proved abortive as he neither answered his calls nor responded to a text message sent enquiring about government’s action on the matter.

However, sources within the ministry confirmed to our reporter that the embattled principal has been officially queried for negligence and redeployed back to the ministry.


  1. Action need to be taken,more especially to the Mallam Abubakar who flogged Fatima because of his assignment, we need to have this behind our mind,that during our school days,flogging is always part of those who train us,but its never a solution to improved us,other means need to be taken in correcting the school children

    1. Mallam you need to read her statement again and again. I am a class room teacher and I taught in female school, I can understand her very well. Malamin ya buge ta kuma gashi tana masassara da ciwon baya. Bana tunanin duka a hannu zai iya haddasa rasa rayuwa. His punishment isn’t that hard, it’s within normal flog.
      Allah ya jiqanta ya kuma bawa iyayen ta haqurin rashin ta. Ameen

  2. Mathematics can not be learnt without extra care and attention, without imposement no one can learn mathematics, but the fear to be punished can lead to bring some new techniques of thinking to solve problem.

  3. May her soul rest in peace. But what i want here let’s us read well what the girl wrote in her slum book as they called it. “Allah Sarki ranar Alhamis munzo firef akaci miyi lilin muka yi malam Abu sikitu ya bugimu har ya fasni ko ma goshi banda lafia ina masassara da ciwon baya kamar na mutu”
    The writing though had some mistakes, but she said malamin ya sanya sunyi knee down, sai ya buge ta, kuma gashi bata da lafia, tana masassara da ciwon baya, kamar ta mutu. This statement shows that the late student was already sick before their teacher flogged her, meaning that their teacher isn’t the cause of her death.
    May Almighty Allah forgive her short comings and grant her jannatul firdaus. Ameen

  4. I was a boarding school student once and I know how ruthless “some teachers” can be. Trust me,
    it was the worse experience ever which does more harm than good in most cases. I’m not saying that that teacher is responsible for her death, but beating is barbaric and should be stopped.

  5. As a teacher concerned bear in your mind that flogging is not the best way to make students serious about your lesson, even though punishment in teaching and learning process is something necessary because we have different categories of students, but corporal punishment is better like sweeping, kneeling, washing toilet an others, infact seriously the way some are treating students is totally supposed to be changed.


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