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Home Opinion Time To Break The Inequality And Injustice Of Power Sharing In Katsina State – By Ado Umar Lau
Time To Break The Inequality And Injustice Of Power Sharing In Katsina State – By Ado Umar Lau

Time To Break The Inequality And Injustice Of Power Sharing In Katsina State – By Ado Umar Lau


Time To Break The Inequality And Injustice Of Power Sharing In Katsina State – By Ado Umar Lau

The creation of Katsina by the administration of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida comes as a welcome development that brings people closer to the government. The people of the old seven local government areas from Kaduna were overwhelmed with joys as the complexities and hetrogenous nature of the state is narrowed down in terms of ethno-religious and geographic differences of old Kaduna State.

At the initial stage of the creation of Katsina State, Katsina Central Senatorial Zone had Katsina and Dutsinma Local Government Areas, Katsina South Senatorial Zone (Funtua Zone) had Malumfashi and Funtua Local Government Areas and Katsina North Senatorial Zone (Daura Zone) had Daura, Kankia and Mani Local Government Areas.

With the subsequent creation of additional Local Government Areas in the State Funtua and Katsina Zones had eleven (11) local government areas each, while Daura Zone had twelve (12) local government areas which makes it the largest zone in the state.

Despite the numerical strength of Daura Zone, the Zone was rendered politically irrelevant through the strategic manipulations of the heavyweights politicians that used the divides and rule tactics to scattered the people of the Zone which is the only one that consists of Local Government Areas from Katsina and Daura Emirates.

The political strategists saw this unique features of Daura Zone as a golden opportunity to creates unhealthy dichotomies among the twelve (12) LGA and means of political domination of the Zone for the advancement of their selfish, personal and political interests to the detriment of the entire Zone.

Daura Zone in the history of old Kaduna and to the present Katsina State is the only Zone that was never given an opportunity and supports to occupy the number one seat in the state the facts are available for each and everyone of us to verify from Alhaji Abba Musa Rimi, late Alhaji Lawal Kaita, Alhaji Saidu Barda, late Alhaji Umaru Musa Yaradua, Barr. Ibrahim Shehu Shema and now Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari. All these past and present Governors there was nobody from Daura Zone.

Power sharing inequality and injustice is not only unique to Katsina State, but it affect other states in Nigeria and currently are calling for the adjustment and power shift to promotes and strengthen social bond and cohesion among the people of the state. As it stand now Daura Zone is relegated to the back seat of political game as nothing but political beggars in their own state.

I hope the good people of Katsina State will follow the examples of Anambra State on the call for power shift by Good Governance Forum which consists of members from all the local government areas and zones uniting together and called all the major political parties to give their governorship tickets to a particular zone that never hold the office of the governorship office in the state for equity, fairness and justice to prevail in the state.

However, to our greatest surprise the call for power shift in Katsina State is becoming a no-go-area whereby any call for power shift will be frowned at by those strongly against it and see it as an attack on their political agenda and interests.

Unlike in other states where all and sundries comes together and joined their hands to demand for the corrections of power lopsidedness, political enslavement and domination of a particular zone.

It is really disheartening in Katsina State that any call for power shift is synonymous to political apostasy with people from the Zone now in the frontline of sabotaging the movement for power shift to DAURA ZONE COME 2023.

Join the movement for power shift as a means of breaking the political inequality and injustice as a remedy to reverse the current power domination by political master planners and strategists in the state.

Ado Umar Lau



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