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Home Opinion Katsina At 32; The Spirit Lives! – By Malam Baba Katsina
Katsina At 32; The Spirit Lives! – By Malam Baba Katsina

Katsina At 32; The Spirit Lives! – By Malam Baba Katsina


Katsina At 32; The Spirit Lives! – By Malam Baba Katsina 

The great Katsina! The land of the giants, of history! The birthplace, of resistance and resilience. For those unfamiliar with the origin of “Qunar Baqin Wake”, “Baqin Wake” was a courageous slave, who paid the ultimate price of roasting in a blazing fire with a barbaric King, who made slaves as his horse carriage.

That was when freedom was born, for generations that followed. And that spirit of human dignity, freedom and liberty, is still alive in this great arena of liberty. Katsina, the headquarter of intelligentsia and scholarship. This is the citadel of pedantism.

Had the great Ulamas of “Masanawa” and “Gambarawa” among others, who taught us how not to be commercial Ulamas, we wouldn’t have changed the cause of history. They despised being close to power to avoid its toxicity, they kept away from being close to palace and theatre of governance, to avoid the perks of the world and its destructive lure.

They spoke truth to power undiluted, and uncensored. They chose eternity, over transient world. That was why even the forces of Danfodio had nothing to teach Katsina, in politico-religious terms. That spirit, is still hovering over this great land of possibilities, but unfortunately except very few, the Ulamas are commercialised. The scholarship and prowess in knowledge, is painfully being slaughtered right before our eyes, by rapacious leadership ruling this land.

Recent WAEC result, is a gory pointer to this fact. This great land of Olympians of political economy, was a political shrine of the nation where leaders and captains of all human endeavors, were anointed and blessed. The only land in history, to field two presidential candidates for major political parties, in the same election. And wherever Katsina went, the Nation followed.

Painful but true is the fact that this land of the legends of power, is disappearing on the political map of power and politics, in this country. The great Saints “Dan Marna” and “Dan Masani”, knew this day would come, where an accident of history would occur and the fatalities of that accident, would be at the helm of our affairs, on a risky journey to our destiny, that’s why they prayed and left this great land under the guardianship, of the Heavens. And the Heavens answered them, by keeping the flame of freedom and liberty still burning, to inspire the indefatigable warriors of freedom and human dignity, still searching for the soul of Katsina, to save it with the last drop of their blood. And why not? Because this great land is a tree, that was watered with the blood of the giants of the past, to grow and thrive.

They gave their yesterday, for our today. They spent sleepless nights, for our sleep full nights today. They starved, so we eat. They lived a life of wars and expeditions, for our lives of peace and vastness, today.

They lived an austere life, for our lives of abundance and riches, today. Do you think these labours of our heroes past, should just go in vain? No! The great Bayajidda and Korau, didn’t roam this great land to sojourn the luxuries of life!

They lived to engrave their names in the golden book of history, and that was not done for material or worldly acquisition, but for us to learn from the lessons of history. Because it’s our failure to learn from the lessons of history, that makes it seem like history do repeat itself. It doesn’t.

Therefore nothing is too precious to give, for the prosperity of this great land of caliber and depth. And that is not, negotiable. As the lovers of freedom and liberty, who owes this great land a great deal, we would converge with the forces of light from wherever they are, and save this land of possibilities and prosperity, from the clutches of avaricious political elites strangling our prosperity, in their pockets and parlours, and establish a new economic and political order, devoid of kowtow and flunkyism around power or its appendages, and usher in an equitable and just social and political order, where ALL men are equal and judged on the basis of their ability and capacity, not on their ability to lick the important boots that matters in the political enterprise, but their capacity and ability to give what Katsina badly needs; Leadership! A person of 32 years, is ripe to chat and handle his destiny with his own hands, talk less of this great state that is ageless, and immortal till the last day.

For the political merchants advancing the politics of sectionalism, know that your evil machination to replace competence with sectional origin would not succeed, as the forces of light would rightly delete your merchandise, into the abyss of political oblivion. Know that the barons with our prosperity in their pockets, who determines who becomes what from their various parlours and guest houses, would no longer have a market to trade their evil market, and lease our prosperity and that of the coming generations, to the vicious cycle of slavery and kowtow.

To those political wholesalers and retailers, hawking fallacies and advancing politics of serfdom, we would defeat you! To those indefatigable warriors of defending human dignity, freedom and liberty, we support you!

To the Forces of darkness, who get angry with the anger of the rapacious political elites milking our commonwealth dry, know that you have us first to assassinate, before you reach the soul of this immortal land of freedom and liberty! Because it is even criminal to contemplate on giving our last drop of blood, for this great land where freedom and liberty were born.

Our destiny is no longer a negotiable instrument, that can just be negotiated by charlatans and court jesters, in various offices, guests houses and parlours. The powerless poor would rightly take back their birthright, of handling their destiny with their own hands. That they would do not by begging for it, but would grab it. Because you don’t beg for freedom, you take it! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Will. And Victoria Acerta!


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