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Home Profile Meet Muhammadu Bashar, 59th Daura Emir – Former minister who ‘defeated his father’ to the throne
Meet Muhammadu Bashar, 59th Daura Emir – Former minister who ‘defeated his father’ to the throne

Meet Muhammadu Bashar, 59th Daura Emir – Former minister who ‘defeated his father’ to the throne


Meet Muhammadu Bashar 59th Emir of Daura- Former minister who ‘beat his father’ to the throne

OBE, MHA,CFR (WAMBAN DAURA) LATER EMIR OF DAURA, MINISTER OF ECONOMIC PLANNING. He was born in 1926 in Daura to the ruling house.

He was the grandson of the former Emir of Daura Malam Abdulrahman. as a prince, he started his education with Islamic lessons, then went to primary school in 1936.

He was in Katsina middle school in 1942; Kaduna College (Barewa) 1945 to 1947 before proceeding Kano School for Arabic Studies and to Middle Sixin Kaduna College and the Institute of Administration, Zaria as well as South Devon Technical College in the United Kingdom.

He started his career as Native Authority (NA) Scribe in Daura between 1948 and 1949 before going to training in Zaria in the Clerical Training College. He returned to Daura NA, this time as Assistant Chief Scribe 1950.

Alhaji Muhammadu Bashar started a career in politics in 1951 when he stood for and won election into the House of Assembly.

He was also one of those who sought for the House of Representatives in Lagos as was then the practice. Back in Daura in 1953, he was appointed’ Councillor in the NA with the title of’ Wambai from where he became the District Head of Sandamu and in 1954 Distria Head of Baure.

That same year, he went to the U.K for a four-month course in Local Government. He returned to became an assistant District Officer in Ilorin though he had to go back to Kaduna in 1957 where he served as Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Local Government.

The following year, he returned to the U.K to do a one year course in the Devon Technical College which added another feather to his cap for in 1959 on his return he became the parliamentary secretary in the ministry of animal health and forest resources.

His first full ministerial appointment was in 1960 in the Ministry of Local Government. The following year, Alhaji Muhammadu Bashar, was on the Nigeria Economic Mission traveling to about fifty countries of the world especially Asian, European and Middle Eastern.

Barely a year after it was set up, the new Ministry of Economic Planning looking after Marketing Boards and the NNDC had him as Minister till 1966 when the coup forced him to retire.

His dynamism and^eal earned him the trust of the Sardauna who appointed him head of the political team to organize the 1961 plebiscite on Northern Cameroon.

He was appointed the Emir of Daura in June 1966 though he was suspended from the throne in 1966 while an Investigation was conducted into the affairs of the Marketing Boards and NNDC.

He was fully reinstated in 1968 and has continued to uphold with high esteem the traditional veneration of his royal heritage

The 59th emir of the ancient city of Daura, Alhaji Muhammadu Bashar died in the early hours of Sunday the 25th of February.

By universal consent, he was one of the most remarkable and peace-loving rulers whose reign is noted for its peacefulness.

The late emir ascended to the throne of his forefathers in 1966 and reigned for 41 years until his death late last month.

He succeeded his grandfather who was the 58th emir of Daura, the city reputed for being the forebearer of the rulers of the seven Hausa states.

By virtue of his position as the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Muhammadu Bashar was the custodian of its rich historical relics which included the famous Kusugu well which according to legends was the only source of water for Daura in its early days.

The late Emir of Daura was one of the early examples of notable princes who ascended to the throne of their forebearers after proving themselves in other areas.


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