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Home Opinion Opinion: Katsina Politics – Way Out – Malam Abubakar Aliyu Katsina
Opinion: Katsina Politics – Way Out – Malam Abubakar Aliyu Katsina

Opinion: Katsina Politics – Way Out – Malam Abubakar Aliyu Katsina


Opinion: Katsina Politics – Way Out – Malam Abubakar Aliyu Katsina

Katsina state is strategic in so many ways as far as Nigerian political equations are concerned, centre of hospitality as foundly referred to and where you have the finest, retired, serving, military, para-military, technocrats and academics.

Notable amongst them included but not limited to Late Gen. Hassan Usman Katsina, former Governor Northern Nigeria Late Dr. Hamza Rafindadi Zayyad, first class economic development expert, and lately former President Late Umaru Musa Yar’adu’a of blessed memory, a gentleman, focost and ambitions administrator, whose memories are too good to be forgotten. May all their gentle souls rest in perfect peace Ameen.

Recently we have President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) who deserves no introduction. PMB is not only an internationally acclaimed gallant military officer but incorruptible personality in both military and political attire.

Nigerian infrastructural and human development particularly that of Katsina State should not be compromise at this centaury for so many reasons. Please take note that Katsina state under Governor Aminu Bello Masari is below average in terms of systemic and human development. This is a course for worry by all Katsinawas and Nigerians at large.

Katsina had a couple of military and political Governors, but sadly and with regrets only late Col. Yahaya Madaki and late Umaru Musa Yar’adua have anything worth acknowledging we still cherished and salute their stewardship at the Government House. The rest are only Governors with virtually no agenda apart from their self aggrandizement.

However the worst amongst them is the incumbent Governor Masari. He rude on the goodwill of PMB only to performed abysmally and display his inbuilt qualities as an epitome of corruption and underdevelopment. Human development under Masari is Zero, infrastructure is zero, Renovation and painting, below average, corruption is gigantic, morality is unfortunate. These few of Masari’s “leadership” qualities.

But the most disturbing of all his qualities are clearly his anti-democratic norms and ways, under Masari, the institution of local Government has been abolished. This is in direct contravention of Nigerian constitution and against the stipulated provisions that brings Governance closer to the people. Under him again, elections at all levels is not only a taboo but against his interest and that of his catel.

People were denied their rights to vote at the congress and primaries. Eligible aspirants that seek to be elected to various positions in both secondary and primary elections were completely and perfectly excluded in the interest of selfish few. This is the unfortunate situation Katsina found itself.

Also disturbing is the deterioration of security in the State. Katsina is now rang amongst States that its security has totally collapsed.

Armed bandits, rubbers, and kidnapers have taken control of villages, towns and major roads. The Governor recently admitted and lamented this avoidable situation, one wonders what the chief security officer is doing on this. A Government that cannot guarantee the security of its citizen, their lives and properties does not need to be elected again. This is the sorry situation Katsina found itself.

By late 2018, when election commenced, only two courageous candidate seeks to replace this monster at Government House. These are Malam Abubakar Isma’ila Funtua from Funtua Zone and Hon. Garba Sani Dankani-Jikan Hambali, from Katsina Central Zone.

It was not an easy task for these two gentlemen. The fear of facing an incumbent and reckless leader forced the weak to stay behind.

The political ring now has only three aspirants, the incumbent Governor, who has an undisputable records of massive corruption, underdevelopment, security lapses and lacked of morality. The second is Malam Abubakar Isma’ila Funtua, a youthfull politician and very successful business man.

The third aspirant is Hon. Garba Sani Dankani- popularly called Jikan Hambali and presently the Chairman Board of Management, National Ear Care Centre Kaduna. Jikan Hambali is regarded as a famous gentleman with very modest life style that combines honesty and integrity as his strengths.

APC constitution provides three modes of presenting candidates for elective positions, the direct, indirect primaries and the concessions, so far the indirect form has been abused by Governor Masari, while the direct form, requires time, planning and resources to mobilize and organize congress and primaries, which sincerely, we don’t have time for that.

Concession is no doubt the only viable and possible option, taken everything into consideration. Don’t forget already the aggrieved Governorship aspirants are in courts challenging the legality of the so called delegates that partake in primary elections. The plaintiff are of the firm belief that even in Animal farms such a kangaroo elections will surely be upturn not to talk for civilized human society like the one we occupy. So if judgment happen to be in their favour, then what happen to APC candidates in Katsina state? Certainly if APC does not care about what happens in Zamfara, Rivers etc, Katsina SHOULD be an exception.

Its therefore my candid submission that a high-powered Presidential committee should be constituted as a matter of urgency to among other things come up with consensus criteria and ensure its immediate implementation, in the interest of Katsina State, APC and African democrats.

Thank you

Malam Abubakar Aliyu Katsina

Sabuwar Unguwa


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