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Home Politics Tata proposed monthly contribution of N2,000 from civil servants for Masari’s re-election
Tata proposed monthly contribution of N2,000 from civil servants for Masari’s re-election

Tata proposed monthly contribution of N2,000 from civil servants for Masari’s re-election


Tata proposed monthly contribution of N2,000 from civil servants for Masari’s re-election 

The popular Katsina philanthropist and politician, Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Tsauri popularly known as Tata has proposed to Katsina State Civil servants in the state a monthly contribution from their salaries of no less than N2,000 for the reelection project of Governor Aminu Bello Masari in the coming 2019 general elections.

Tata made this known in lengthy open letter he published on his personal Facebook Timeline with the caption “STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES FUND FOR CONTINUITY: AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL PUBLIC AND CIVIL SERVANTS OF KATSINA STATE”

Below is what he wrote unedited:


What I am about to talk about is hard, very hard, because it is about giving not taking. The novelty in it is, it has never been done before that is why I want us to do it now! It is not in doubt that Katsina state is purely a civil service state that relies heavily on salaries for sustainance. Seventy five percent (75%) of all income accruing to the state goes to the servicing of the state workforce which put together does not amount to 5% of the total population of the state. When salaries are paid, every Bakatsine is happy, whether he is working or not, but when it is delayed or withheld every house cries because in every family there is a civil servant.

Election is barely 3 months away and here in Katsina our choice has been narrowed down to two people, Aminu Bello Masari and Yakubu Lado. You may be in PDP, you may be in Akida, but surely you know that much as you hate APC or much as you may want to hate Aminu Bello Masari, you have the inert duty to love yourself first. Self preservation is the first instinct that you find in every soul. This my letter, therefore, is not seeking to ask you to join APC or love it, it is not seeking to ask you to love Aminu Bello Masari, NO, it is simply asking you to love yourself!

No matter the hullabaloo that greeted the coming of this government to power and the attendant difficulties it encountered at inception, it is not in doubt that Aminu Bello Masari has firmly stood by the side of Katsina civil servants. He has consistently paid salaries and allowances as at when due when more buoyant states with robust allocation and IGR failed on this primary responsibility. He has cleared the backlog of promotion and promotion arrears that were left unattended to for years under PDP. He has gone further to even employ new staff, running into thousands, to fill critical vacancies inspite the meagre income that comes to the state. If you still feel somebody should do better than this gentleman then I am sure Lado is not the option in your mind!

I am not here to disparage Lado but if what we have been hearing about absconding with months of salaries of Kankara local government civil servants is true, which I am inclined to believe is true as I am yet to hear or see a rebuttal from him, then I don’t think he is worth the risk. You may hate Aminu Bello Masari but certainly Lado is a road that the sane should not dare take. One who can run away with the salary of a handful of local government employees is better imagined what he will do with a whole state thrust before him.

To whom much is given much is expected. I am just thinking of doing something different that will serve the interest of my governor which will turn make you all proud. I know some of you are furious for a part of your salaries yet to be paid during the screening exercise. I will handle that on your behalf. I know some of you are angry because of salary adjustments that you suffered during the screening exercise. It is a sacrifice we all have to make for those we want to make room for. I know some of you are livid for being made to undergo a screening that you felt was unnecessary. We apologise for that inconvenience. In the quest of having a Katsina of our dream much will be asked from you. Whatever you may feel, whatever grievance you may have, let us do for ourselves that which will help us move forward not backward.

I am thinking of getting every civil servant in the state, through the Union bodies that manage your affairs, to for the first time monetarily contribute to the process of electing your governor. I want every civil servant to contribute N2000 only from his salary in the month of December and January to fund the reelection bid of Aminu Bello Masari. Through this I am targeting to raise over N500M under the KATSINA STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES FUND FOR CONTINUITY. This FUND is proposed to have the following membership:
Hon Commissioner of Finance
Hon Commissioner for Local Govt & Chieftaincy Affairs
Head of Civil Service of the State
Chairman of State Civil Service Commission, Chairman of Local Government Service Commission
Chairman Judicial Service Commission,
Hon Commissioner of Information
Hon Commissioner of Education,
Hon Commissioner of Health and heads of all Trade Union bodies under the employment of the state.

Each trade union body will personally hand over the contribution of its members to HE Aminu Bello Masari at a grand ceremony planned to hold in the first week of February at Muhammadu Dikko Stadium where every employee of both state and local government will be in attendance.

Some of you may ask what benefit will come to you for this. I can assure you that, with this, you will not only guaranty the continuity of a government that cares about you and your welfare but you will prevent vultures from coming anywhere near your affairs. I can assure you with this gesture you will unlock the boundless spirit of generosity in Aminu Bello Masari that has never been unlocked. I can assure you with this gesture you will have a government that is your own whose concern will be none other than you! And finally with this gesture, you would have saved President Muhammadu Buhari and Aminu Bello Masari the headache of where to source for funds, as none of them is rich enough to fund his campaign nor take from the government till for that purpose.

Twice I have sought to be governor twice the women of Katsina stood by me. Why? Because they believe I was good to them and they felt in me they could invest. Can this apply to Aminu Bello Masari from the grateful civil servants of Katsina State? I think so! Do you? To whom much is given much is expected!


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