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Home Education On The Senate Public Hearing for The Proposed Federal Polytechnic Daura – By Maiwada Dammallam
On The Senate Public Hearing for The Proposed Federal Polytechnic Daura – By Maiwada Dammallam

On The Senate Public Hearing for The Proposed Federal Polytechnic Daura – By Maiwada Dammallam


On The Senate Public Hearing for The Proposed Federal Polytechnic Daura – By Maiwada Dammallam

One is not wrong if one tag Tuesday’s (30/10/18) public hearing for the proposed Federal Polytechnic Daura as a grand memorial for late Madawakin Daura, Senator Mustapha Bukar. It was by his foresight, hard work and concern for the educational development of the North in general, Katsina State in particular and specifically Daura senatorial zone, that the bill reached an appreciable level and now is about to come to fruition.

Good things don’t come easy neither do they come by accident, they are always a result of concentrated efforts aimed at achieving set objectives. This one is no exception, actually it’s in a class of its own due to its peculiarity. It was a bill that has been on the drawing board for long and late suffered some setbacks due to the sudden demise of late Senator Bukar, it’s sponsor. It’s commendable that the “hit-the-ground-running” Senator Ahmed Babba Kaita, picked the gauntlet and pursued with vigour the completion of the process to make Federal Polytechnic Daura a reality. In his words “The good intention of Madawaki shouldn’t be allowed to go unrewarded”. “Allah Ya gafarta mashi, Ya kuma biyashi da mafificin alkhairi”

I can say without fear of contradiction that, but for the relentless efforts of Senator Kaita, the efforts of late Madawaki would have wasted and Federal Polytechnic Daura would have been a botched dream. As Senator Kaita once confided in me when we are discussing bill, he said his commitment to the bill is largely to the memory of late Madawaki whom he considered a father and a very reliable elder in the NASS whose fatherly guidance assisted him to achieve a lot beside learning a lot from his wisdom. This make it easier to understand the smoothness and swiftness with which he maneuvered and ensured the reactivation of the Federal Polytechnic Daura bill even before he was officially sworn-in. Truly, this underscore the importance of electing competent, considerate and experienced people for representation at various levels of governance to drive maximum benefits. Senator Kaita is just cut for that.

Senator Kaita has done his own part of the deal by finishing what was started by late Madawaki despite encumbrances (a complete story for another day) which he skilfully overcame. From the office of the SGF to the office Minister of Education down to the offices of the National Board for a Technical Education (NBTE), Senator Kaita spared no effort to make an excellent case why the bill should not die along with its author. His insistence paid and he had the bill flying again in the corridors of the NASS. I doubt if there’s a single Senator whose office or home Senator Kaita did not visit in his drive to resuscitate and canvass for support for this bill. One could only be amazed with the amount of energy and of course, zeal and commitment with which he pursued the bill to get it to this level.

Senator Kaita’s efforts did not end in the offices of the NASS, the SGF, Federal Ministry of Education or NBTE. He went up to the last bus stop, the Aso Rock villa in his relentless pursuit for the actualization of the Polytechnic. I happened to be with him once, when we bumped into Senator Ahmed Lawan, the Senate Leader. Lawan jokingly asked “Distinguished Hala zirga-zirgar Polytechnic ce? Even a major hitch of funding – effect of the prolonged locked-up of the National Assembly – that threatened the public hearing did not discourage him from seeing the public hearing was scheduled. When he was told there’s no money to fund the public hearing for the moment and, even when funds are available the bill was scheduled at the bottom of the “first-come-first-serve” list, he simply agreed to pick the bill and promptly had it scheduled for hearing.

Considering that, though an old hand in the National Assembly, Senator Kaita is a new hand (hardly a month old) in the upper chamber hence, the ease with which he achieved scheduling the Daura Polytechnic for public hearing is unprecedented and simply amazing! It’s like pulling an elephant out of a hat. He largely achieved this using an excellent network he built within the Abuja corridors of power where power is an unprocessed ingredient that requires expertise to be processed before being useful. His expertise, simplicity, doggedness, ruggedness and selflessness are so disarming that he find his way around to get even seemingly undoable things done.

Senator Kaita is a round peg in a round hole. As a member of the lower chamber of the 7th National Assemble, he was the only member from Katsina State with a bill to his name and, his constituency visibility was matched by none other. The fear that he take some time to learn the ropes in the upper chamber quickly evaporated when, even before he was sworn in as Senator, he was able to score a highly competitive patronage of the National Communication Commission (NCC). It’s to his credit that Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Yusuf Bala Usman College of Legal Studies, Katsina School of Nursing and Midwifery, GDSS Bindawa, GDSS Zangon Daura and GDSS Sandamu are all proud beneficiaries of the highly competitive NCC’s School Support Project. This should comfort cynics and supporters that Senator Kaita is up to the task.

With the scheduling for public hearing the bill for the Federal Polytechnic Daura, the ball is now in public court. It’s now for us to mobilise and support the final stage of the bill in honour of late Madawakin Daura, Senator Mustapha Bukar.


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