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Home Opinion Opinion: Rt. Hon. Kusada : A Round Peg in a Round Hole – By Aminu Darma
Opinion: Rt. Hon. Kusada : A Round Peg in a Round Hole – By Aminu Darma

Opinion: Rt. Hon. Kusada : A Round Peg in a Round Hole – By Aminu Darma


Rt. Hon. Kusada : A Round Peg in a Round Hole by Aminu Darma

It’s not everyday one come across gentlemen like Abubakar Yahaya Kusada, the indefatigable Speaker of Katsina State House of Assembly. Rt. Hon. Kusada is differing things to different people. He’s a mentor to the youth, a voice for the voiceless and yes, hope to the hopeless. One only need to spend a little time with him to understand that his taciturnity is only a mask beneath which exist an aggressive zeal to leave behind indelible footprints where ever he set his foot.

It’s quite impressive how Rt. Hon. Kusada juggle his personality to suit every moment or occasion. He could easily mingle with the downtrodden and the next minute, he will be up rubbing minds with the mighty and taking impacting decisions for millions of people. His simplicity is very natural. Whether in his office or at home, he is Abubakar Yahaya Kusada and, one could always perceive a sense of embarrassment each time somebody address him with the traditional title of his office. He’s among the few VIPs I know who still waits for traffic warden’s signal before they move. But for the insistence of his security details to obey rules and regulations, he would have done away with many of his office paraphernalia and protocols. The decision of members of the House to elect Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada as Speaker is a testimony of their trust in his capacity and reliability. The story has been rosy since.

The history of Katsina State House of Assembly (KTHA) is full of great son and daughters of katsina who represented their various constituencies and left their foot prints for posterity to judge. The seventh session of the Assembly is a unique combination of young progressives from diverse backgrounds assembled under one political party. For the first time in our political history all the 34 members emerged from one party, the APC. It’s a blessing that the 34 members sourced from all parts of Katsina could be said to be among the best offered by their societies for the onerous task of making laws and supervising Katsina State. Their commitment and zeal to improve the socio-economic status of the state beside being in tandem with the larger APC Change agenda, is not questionable.

It’s therefore, not accidental that the House has been churning out laws meaningful that have positive impact on the development of the state. Since its inauguration in June 2015, the KTHA has passed a total of 71 bills into law making the current legislature to have the highest number of members sponsored bills which scaled through to become laws. Laws with direct bearing to the wellbeing of the state passed by the House include Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Bureau of Public Procurement, Katsina State Bureau of Statistics, Zakat and Waqaf (administration and allied matters ) law, katsina state farm settlement centre law, among others. On motions and Resolutions, the House had deliberated on 461 motions and made 300 resolutions many of which have been executed by the executive arm.

Abubakar Yahaya kusada’s meteoric rise over the last four years is a political success story that will enrich the libraries of scholars for decades to come. For rise of a dynasty is much less appealing political story than rise of an underdog who triumphed against heavy odds. Hon. Kusada’s journey to the apex seat of the speakership is full of miracles and clear fulfilment of destiny. And all of it pointed to a united progressive house who gave him all the support needed to excel. Today we are singing songs of victory.

The leadership of KTHA has provided just the atmosphere and harmony needed for good governance in a democratic setting. Thanks to the humility of Rt. Hon. Kusada who, from day one, sees himself only as a first among equals in a practical sense and insisted on playing the game strictly by its rules. His insistence to ensure respectability and member equality created a House with zero tolerance for favouritism which, in turn, purged the House of envy and unnecessary competitions among members to gain the attention of the House leadership for possible undue favours. This created a proactive House always willing to carry out of it duties in accordance with statutory provisions while ensuring less friction with other arms of government. The enhanced symbiosis in governance in Katsina State is a clear testimony of Hon. Kusada’s dexterity and excellent disposition to team work.

That destiny is once again knocking on his door, is a mixture of sadness and happiness. Sadness that Katsina State is going to miss his direct participation in its affairs and happiness that he’s answering a higher call which will hone his skills and capacity for a much higher call in the future Insha Allah!


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