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Home Opinion Opinion: Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada: A Progressive on The Rise – By Aminu Darma
Opinion: Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada: A Progressive on The Rise – By Aminu Darma

Opinion: Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada: A Progressive on The Rise – By Aminu Darma


Opinion: Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada: A Progressive on The Rise – By Aminu Darma

A little more than a year ago a 39-year old progressive and a member representing Kusada Local Government in Katsina State House of Assembly became the second youngest Speaker in the history of katsina state politics and among the few in the Nigerian history. It was a proof that a newly cultured and more organized class of youthful progressive among Nigeria’s leadership class is on the rise!

Abubakar Yahaya Kusada is critical to this revolution that’s giving youth a respectable image in the scheme of Nigerian politics having done an incredible job both as a floor member and now as the Speaker – the first among equals in Katsina State House of Assembly.

Kusada didn’t achieve this by mere wishes but by hard work and perseverance and faith.

Where most people who get elected into public offices are not leaders but mere politicians, Kusada is a hybrid result of skillful crossing of leadership with politics. He’s a leader who is always willing to do what’s right even when it’s not easy but because in his best judgement it’s the right thing to do. He’s always willing to go an extra mile for his people without recourse to the political benefits involved.

In whatever way you look at Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada (AYK), you can’t dispute the fact that he is a leader who knows his onions. He is a practical demonstration of good leadership and how best to be a gentleman.

It’s not accidental that he’s an unrepentant Buharist. They say like minds attracts. Just like President Buhari, his mentor, Kusada is the type referred to in Nigeria’s political dictionary as “misfits” because of their uncontrollable desire to give politics some touch of morality to change its negative narrative.

Sadly their types are endangered in an era and community of political populism. That, however, rather than dampen their spirits only bring the best out them. Very cerebral, scholarly and of intellectual bent, Kusada is one political icon the social media can call its own.

His special preference for grassroots politics had him at the forefront of social media campaigns to oust the locust regime of PDP and replace it with what’s globally adjudged to be decent. And, don’t mistook his gentility for cowardice. He’s a fighter that takes no prisoners. PDP cyber-hawks could shed more light on this.

Kusada fought the media war diligently and out of sincere conviction and subscription to the change revolution.

He’s meticulous and known to be obsessed with only the finest data, statistics and empirical evidence in discharging his responsibilities whether official or personal. Very open minded and always susceptible to superior options. Actually he enjoys debating options as, according to him, doing so increase the mind in knowledge. It’s a common rule among his close aides and associates that, never go to him with a one way road to solution.

He is a firm believer in alternative routes. Whatever solution is on the table, be sure he will add his own or mix the two for a more enhanced solution. Such disposition may not be far from the reason why KTHA is a more a better house than he inherited. He is a team player and the best example of “first among equals”.

From a humble beginning he joined politics. The story of his struggles and his meteoric rise in politics is full of lessons to aspiring politicians. He started from scratch and rose through the ranks yet, his acumen and his impacting disposition at the helm is leaving indelible imprints without a fuss.

To students of political science, Kusada’s character and public persona deserve public exposition if not to blow his trumpets, at least to learn from his virtues. People with the required skills could certainly help our political narrative by writing a book about AYK or “MAI-BULALA”.

Assuredly you cannot write the history of politics and governance in Katsina State without devoting generous space to AYK. The content would however be largely dependent on the writer and the knowledge of the man.

Whoever and whenever it is written, let it be on record that you may disagree with his approach but you cannot fault his intentions and the positivity he added to governance in the state by the non-confrontational and result-yielding style he adopted.

His patience even when obviously miffed or livid is the missing maturity lacking in many politicians. His constant references to scriptures from the Holy Qur’an and Teachings of our beloved prophet – pointed to a feisty individual guided by absolute faith and belief in a Supreme Being, Allah SWT.

To his credit, his constituency, Kusada LG benefited from many life-touching programmes and project he initiated – some from his pocket and others he influenced through his position all in an effort to better the lives of his people. His hands are always full, from health, education, agriculture to youth empowerment, his contributions couldn’t be missed.

Hon. Abubakar Yahaya Kusada is humble and highly principled, A clear testimony of his merit based leadership. He is bold, fearless and courageous enough to defend his actions at any level.

He is a perfect example of the conductor of the orchestra who must turn his back to the crowd whilst encouraging them to perform to the dictate of the game. The way he tighten the noose of the KTHA coffers and his prudent way of executing its mandate is exemplary.

No amount of propaganda and belittling can stop an idea whose time has come. Rt honourable Abubakar Yahaya kusada is a visionary leader and by Allah’s grace will be the next member representing Kankia/Ingawa/Kusada federal constituency to sustain the good works started by Senator Ahmed Babba Kaita.

Allah Ya tsare Garkuwa da tsarewar Shi.


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