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Home Latest Opinion: Katsina People Need Jobs More Than Appointments – By Prof. Abdussamad Umar Jibia 
Opinion: Katsina People Need Jobs More Than Appointments – By Prof. Abdussamad Umar Jibia 

Opinion: Katsina People Need Jobs More Than Appointments – By Prof. Abdussamad Umar Jibia 


Katsina People Need Jobs More Than Appointments – By Prof. Abdussamad Umar Jibia 

I have seen a list being circulated in the social media of the Federal Government appointees from Katsina state. This list is prepared to dispel the belief in some quarters that PMB’s home state of Katsina has not benefitted from the many offices he shared since he came to power. This list contains ‘office holders’ ranging from the President’s personal assistant to board chairmen and heads of some agencies.

First, I would like to thank His Excellency the President for these appointments. The people who benefitted would be very useful to the state if they bear in mind that they are representing the interest of their people and work towards making sure that what is due to Katsina is given to her without cheating other states.

The sad story, however, is that most appointments under democratic dispensation are obtained as a reward for contributing to political campaigns and in some cases after an intensive follow-ups that allegedly include financial inducements. That is why political appointees are in most cases interested in the contributions they make towards reelecting their principal as that is the surest way to retain their jobs.

The people who benefit from them, apart from their immediate family members, are thus party stalwarts and other boot lickers contented with paltry dole outs from such appointees. But for the teeming responsible population, such appointments are of no use.

‘Kowa ya tuna bara bai ji dadin bana ba’

A very alarming crisis in Katsina state is the rate at which the population of unemployed youth is growing. We are a polygamous people who procreate at a very fast rate. The number of unemployed graduates and school dropouts continue to grow every day.

But I am not aware of any serious initiative by Katsina state government to address this issue. In fact contrary is the case.

Let me remind those who were there and inform the new born about the military era. Since its creation in 1987 up to 1999 when Late ‘Yaradua took over, Katsina state was governed by military officers, one after another, none of whom was an indigene of the state.

Despite this, the soldiers created an employment promotion centre which was, among other things, in charge of deliberately looking for places at the Federal level where Katsina state was underrepresented and following to make sure that we filled our quota. Today, there are many senior military officers and Federal civil servants who are what they are because of that centre.

Now the politicians have killed that initiative. Only recently a list of naval recruits was out in which the entire Muslim North was missing save for less than 5%. To the best of my knowledge, neither the Governor of Katsina state nor any of his counterparts has
followed to make sure that it is reversed.

Not only are our politicians inactive when it comes to fighting for their youth at the Federal level, even the state civil service is permeated by non indigenes. Despite the teeming Katsina youth graduated yearly by Umaru Musa Yaradua University, other state and Federal institutions, we now have an unbelievable number of indigenes teaching nonessential subjects like Business and Intro tech in our secondary schools. This was unknown under the Military.

My take:

Instead of celebrating political appointees, Katsina state government under His Excellency Aminu Masari can help our people by addressing the unemployment crisis in Katsina State. In specific terms he should resurrect the Employment Promotion Centre of the good old days or initiate a similar agency. In addition to placing our youth at Federal level and the private sector, the agency should be supported to carry out other specific job creation duties.

It is very unfair to keep such a large number of non-indigenes giving nonessential service when you have citizens of Katsina who can do better.

As a matter of urgency, therefore, I would like to call on His Excellency the Governor to revoke all contract appointments involving non-indigenes and replace the beneficiaries with bona fide Katsina youth.


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