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Home Opinion OPINION: Rural Water Supply: Masari Making An Impact – Aminu Darma
OPINION: Rural Water Supply: Masari Making An Impact – Aminu Darma

OPINION: Rural Water Supply: Masari Making An Impact – Aminu Darma


To run a state efficiently and achieve success, the best brains are needed. Good results are only achievable with a combination of vision and competence. That much could be said about the success story of KATSINA STATE RURAL WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION AGENCY under the able leadership of  Alh. Aminu Dayyabu Safana.

A thorough professional and team player, Safana’s choice to lead the agency was by no means accidental. With a vast experience gathered from practical participation in the water sector, Governor Masari must have seen in Safana a great potential to resolve the perennial rural and urban water supply and sanitation crisis.

Safana is a part of RUWASSA’s success STORY. He taciturnly rose through the ranks and became almost synonymous with RUWASSA. Listening to his intelligent analysis when debating problems and solutions regarding urban/rural water supply and sanitation, one couldn’t help but agree that he is a square peg in a square hole.

He is part and parcel of various forms of interventions between the state and Donor agencies like UNICEF, DFID etc. No wonder achievements being recorded by RUWASSA within his short tenure are awe inspiring. Perhaps, that may explain why enjoys so much of Governor Masari’s confidence and trust.

On several occasions, Governor Aminu Bello Masari has been emphasising that provision of adequate and safe drinking water and improved sanitation and hygiene as part of the cardinal objectives of his administration.

According to him, attaching priority to this sector could translate into improving the health status and ensure significant reduction of water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases and mortality rate among the citizens of the state.

Regardless, Governor Aminu Bello Masari must have taken over leadership, with a heavy load since his assumption of office in 2015, taking into cognisance the future of the state under him and the brass task of leaving a legacy in a struggling economy. One of the most important of ALL is provision of portable drinking water.

Falling back on his background as a water engineer, Governor Masari approached the puzzle of providing a purposeful leadership in a difficult economy by first taking absolute control of what was within his reach.

He tightened the noose on government finances, and instilling stringent financial discipline in the government bureaucracy. Thereby approving and releasing the sum of three hundred and eighty million Naira (380,000,000,00) for the continued implementation of the SHAWN II Project.

And subsequently the governor has released about one billion, five hundred million naira (1, 500,000,000,00) for the execution of various WASH PROJECTS across the state under both the state plan and collaboration with donor agencies.

That commitment by Governor Rt Honourable Aminu Bello Masari had resulted the donor agencies to be more focused and committed to the cause.

From his part Governor Masari makes sure the development partners are provided with conducive atmosphere so that the gooodwill can be maintained . Thus the continuation and sustainance of the SHAWN Project which is a collaboration between the Government and the United Nation’s children Fund UNICEF with funding from DFID. Which Katsina state happens to be among the selected states in the federation benefitting from the laudable programme that started in the year 2010 with three local governments areas of Bakori, Kaita and Mai’adua in the first phase.

And subsequently the addition of another three local governments in 2012 comprising Dutsinma, faskari, Sandamu and later Batagarawa, Ingawa, Matazu, Musawa and safana making a total of eleven benefitting local government area’s. As the project continued to be successfully implemented, the benefits at the same time continued to manifest glaringly as hundreds of communities enjoyed water sanitation and hygiene facilities in various ways. In further appreciation of the effort of katsina state.

In the implementation of this laudable project, the partners jointly funding the project decided to increase the chances of the state by incorporating additional nine local governments making it 20 benefitting local governments and currently six local governments are in the pipe line that will take it to 26 benefitting local governments. which is clear testimony that RUWASSA in in safe hands.

Ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all members of the population, without discrimination, is an obligation for all governments. Everybody, whether rich or poor, men, women and children, people living in urban and rural areas, having a suitable accommodation or not, people with physical disabilities or people living in institutions like schools, prisons or hospitals, has the right to access these services. To this end provision of portable water to rural communities has recorded a huge success within three years of Masari administration.

Many water supply projects have been executed in all nooks and crannies of the state under the state government’s capital project as well as that of collaboration with some international development partners including provision of 2,205 hand pumps and 57 solar powered boreholes to communities. In addition 240 primary schools across the state were also with hand pumps and 1440 two compartment of VIP for both males and females were constructed which will no doubt improve retention and provide conducive learning atmosphere for pupils.

Similarly , in its effort to improve water supply Masari led government embarked on massive borehole rehabilitation exercise under which 1020 hands pumps as well as 102 solar powered boreholes were rehabilitated and handed over to benefitting communities all in an effort to ensure that water and sanitation services are available, accessible, safe, acceptable and affordable for all without discrimination.

No doubt, by his commitment towards justifying the mandate entrusted in him by the people of katsina State, Governor Masari is trying his very best to see to the betterment of Katsina State citizens and, in Alh. Aminu Dayyabu Safana he has found a reliable ally. No gainsaying Katsina a State citizens would remain eternally grateful to Governor Masari for the transformation of the State and its Liberation from cloud of uncertainty.


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