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Home Opinion OPINION: Mustapha Inuwa: A change agent per excellence – By Aminu Darma
OPINION: Mustapha Inuwa: A change agent per excellence – By Aminu Darma

OPINION: Mustapha Inuwa: A change agent per excellence – By Aminu Darma


When a dramatic or sudden change occurs in ideas or practice a revolution has occurred or is in progress. A revolution does not to be a bloody overthrow of a government.

The most important element in any revolution is change. A sudden challenge to a given social order can itself be beneficial in awakening and testing a society. But more often than not people do not like a change that will upset their mindset or change their social status. Anything that disrupts the status quo is seen as “evil” and always frown at. This fear is enhanced when the topic is ‘politics’ and the arena is Nigeria, thanks to our twisted sense of societal management.

Historically the people that detest any shift in the social status quo are usually the rich, the educated elites, the political elites and the religious leaders who profit immensely from the allegiance of the general public. Leaders of most of the revolutions that occurred in human history were not immediately understood by being their own people.

Infact the masses they fight for hardly ever see that they are being liberated. Most times they become victims of the system they ousted; narratives are twisted and they are portrayed in such a way that the society should hold them in contempt. Our change revolution history here in katsina cannot be written without honourable mention of the three musketeers than shepherded the process. General Muhammad Buhari, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello and the relentlessly SGS Mustapha Inuwa.

The first two are excellently steering the affairs of my country and my state respectively hence, require little literature to keep them in public minds. This piece will concentrate on the third leg of the tripod legs of the CHANGE agenda, SGS Mustapha Inuwa who represent different things to different people.

My intention is to beam my searchlight and x-ray the contribution of this man and his contributions towards the success of the change revolution to give the public a glimpse of who he is and what he stands for. I believe in John wooden who emphasizes character over reputation. According to him, “your reputation is who people think you are, your character is who you really are”.

Mustapha Inuwa is a constant feature and always a force to reckon with in Nigeria particularly, Katsina politics. A privileged member of a small class of political disciples of late President Yar’adua, his heroic exploits which climaxed with the sacking of the inept PDP administration will forever resonate and be remembered in Katsina State and beyond. A rare mixture of an educationist, a bureaucrat and a politician with just as formidable grassroot background and generous touch of humility.

No gainsaying SGS Inuwa is a political asset to APC and the Masari led administration he is serving today. His versatility and unmatched flexibility to swing from one branch of responsibility to another is a sure proof of his excellence as an administrator, a politician and an elder.

It was to his credit that APC grew from a mere expression of political dissent to a formidable group that metamorphosed into a force that sacked the ruling PDP (top to bottom) despite the seeming impossibility of pulling such a stunt in a reckless political atmosphere where public treasuries security agencies are veritable tools of winning elections; even earning legitimate description of “incumbency factor”. SGS Inuwa in cohort with like minded people punctured the unearned legitimacy of “incumbency factor” and sent its beneficiaries to the trash bin of political history where they rightly belong.

It’s not mere coincidence that SGS Inuwa is a visible figure in the present socio-political make-up in Katsina State and beyond. His background as a grassroot mobilizer has endowed him with a generous ability to speak and understand the socio-economic and political language of every stratum of the Nigerian society.

Perhaps, this ability made it possible for him to play a key role in restoring sanity, peace and security in hitherto, unsettling atmosphere of criminal carnage and needless bloodshed and death. Under the able leadership of Governor Aminu Bello Masari, SGS Inuwa competently supervised the truce between local farmers/herdsmen and criminal gangs that were on the verge of dismantling any semblance of governance while reversing any gain achieved by modernity in the context of civilization and its evolution.

The blueprint adopted to achieve peace in Katsina State would forever remain a valuable topic for students of conflict resolution. The State meticulous explored the option of dialogue to resolve the problematic issue of criminality in the State that hitherto, convincingly defied all traditional options including the military option.

The arrogance backed by a seeming feeling of invincibility of the marauders that held Katsina State to ransom was made clear when the marauders attacked villages in Funtua senatorial zone on a single night and murdered over 130 people in cold blood while the leadership of the country and the State were in Katsina Government House dancing the night away. To be a critical part of the arrangement that restored peace and reduced incidences of wanton destruction of lives and properties among rural dwellers in Katsina State truly deserve accolades.

That SGS Inuwa also managed the diversity of various forces that contested for the governorship of Katsina and had a peaceful and rancor free primaries to elect a gubernatorial candidate for the APC and subsequently clinched the gubernatorial seat and all contested seats of the NASS and the State House of Assembly, is clearly a testimony of SGS Inuwa’s political acumen, dexterity and outreach.

He’s such a bridge builder that he managed to keep a one house and ensured a free and fair contest in a manner that denied anybody any chance to latch on individual failure to rock the boat.

It could also be said that the legacy he left behind in the Katsina State chapter of the APC is still guiding the current leadership of the Party going by the gale of defection from largely the sacked PDP, which by now is almost striped naked, with all the “defectees” trooping into the APC in droves. No doubt Katsina State chapter of the APC is the most peaceful and rancor free chapter in Nigeria.

That’s largely because of the culture of discipline with which the chapter was nursed to adulthood by SGS Inuwa. Sure, Katsina State couldn’t be in better hands than in the hands of Governor Masari and his respected Deputy, Mannir Yakubu, the humble and energetic Speaker House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Abubakar Kusada and the goal getting SGS Inuwa. May Allah keep guiding them to lead Katsina to more prosperity.


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