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Home Opinion Opinion: The Akori Yunwa Philosophy- By Umar Tata
Opinion: The Akori Yunwa Philosophy- By Umar Tata

Opinion: The Akori Yunwa Philosophy- By Umar Tata


So many people have sought from me an explanation on our political shibboleth ‘A kori yunwa’. This, I wish to do serially as an explanation to those that wish to understand the import of this new political words being used by me and PDP.

‘A kori yunwa’ is a political concept and a philosophy borne by the current reality. It is a call to ‘arms’ to stand up against those things that are holding us down which, albeit have become more pronounced since APC came to power. ‘Yunwa’ in english means hunger or broadly speaking poverty. Poverty is of three types, poverty of the soul, poverty of the mind and poverty of the barn. To most people, ‘A kori yunwa’ is understood within the minor prism of poverty of the barn which means hunger when in reality the content is more expanse.

However it is viewed or understood, the ‘A kori yunwa’ philosophy is a sad epithet on what governance has become in Katsina State and Nigeria. Katsina as a state relies on three things for survival, salaries, commerce and agriculture. All are under assaults. From the day APC came to power, it has not increased salaries by 1% instead it went into adjustment mode where, through various screenings, some lost their jobs while those lucky to remain employed had their salaries slashed. It is the first government known to history that ever reduced salaries! Let us even pretend to ignore this sad reality and assume salaries have not been tempered with and have remained stagnant, a government that met inflation at 9% within one year, for lack of economic grasp, ballooned it to over 32% has no justification to temper with salaries if it has a heart! A bag of rice that was N8000 suddenly went up to N18,000 a whopping 120% increase. Still salaries remain the same! Simply put, a person earning N50,000 salary under PDP is now earning N18,000 under APC. How then can we say salary is not under assault?

Commerce is the worst hit. Katsina as a state relies on its borders with Niger Republic to feed its commerce and all of them have been shut down! Those importing rice are out of business. Those importing cars are out of business. Those importing food items like macaroni, spaghetti and Olga are all out of business. Bureau de Change have been closed down and many more. Ordinary Mai shayi cannot afford to remain in business because the cost of milk has crazily gone up and he cannot reduce the size of his cup! Every business that KATSINA relied on before APC is dead and no new business has been created by the APC government except decamping from PDP which is the most instantly rewarding business in the state. People have severally been shot to death in Daura for simply being in possession of rice! How then can we say commerce is not under assault?

Agriculture is the last surviving business that is on life support. There is no coherent policy on this nor concerted intervention to assist farmers. It is on autopilot driven by the commitment of our ordinary farmers to stay in business rather than anything else.

These have created a combustible effect of growing hunger, deprivation, insecurity and lawlessness within the society acerbated by other heartless policies in education that have thrown the future of our youths away. The outcome of all these is what ‘A kori yunwa’ aims to project and fight.

Our poverty is man made and God has nothing to do with it. In Katsina we did not experience draught, war, flood or fire what we are experiencing is APC and Masari! Everything good is from Allah while anything opposite good is from us so says the Almighty. So let nobody tell you that what we are experiencing is from Allah it is a lie! Allah did not close our borders. Allah did not remove fuel subsidy. Allah did not remove Hajj subsidy. Allah did not write import prohibition list. Allah did not shoot rice importers. Allah did not prohibit us from buying and eating spaghetti. Allah did not stop payment of exammination fees, Masari did and Allah doesn’t do bad things but APC does!

A kori yunwa, therefore, is a call to commit to rescuing ourselves from bad governance and the ills associated with it that are holding us down. It is not my project it is our project!



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