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Home Opinion OPINION: Baba Bala Katsina: The hidden young contemporary scholar – By Bello Sani Farouq 
OPINION: Baba Bala Katsina: The hidden young contemporary scholar – By Bello Sani Farouq 

OPINION: Baba Bala Katsina: The hidden young contemporary scholar – By Bello Sani Farouq 


Unlike many young intellectuals, Baba Bala Katsina stands different amidst these young people, who have dominated our social media space with their daily write-up on issues cutting across all spheres of life. Reading through the lines of these young writers’ posts, one identifies, with some ease, these writers’ air of arrogance, disrespect and worst of it all, they come across most times as pseudo-intellectuals. They give the know-it-all impression in a manner that places some finality to whatever issues they pick as if no one else can know it better. Any contrary opinion from anyone would be regarded as fake and of little or no meaningful substance. And this is where this gentleman, Baba Bala Katsina, stands out as an epitome of humility. 

Without doubt, knowledge intoxicates. This is probably why some widely-read scholars exhibit elements of arrogance. But the surprise and worry are when you see unnecessary pomposity from young writers who just commenced their voyage to the world of scholarship. What a pity! One would have expected that these young promising writers would exhibit patience and humility in acquiring more knowledge and making useful contributions to issues as they come up. NO! They wouldn’t. They already assume a self-acclaimed status of being great “intellectuals” whose authority on issues must be respected and accepted at all times.

Moreover, pseudo-intellectuals who pretend about being intellectuals and expect other people around them to believe so will constantly remain imprisoned in their little knowledge and deny themselves the bigger opportunity of beneficially engaging others and expanding the scope of knowledge and thoughts on any issue. Productive scholarly engagements especially with those who have criss-crossed many areas of knowledge are continuously needed if knowledge is not to be lost to ignorance. We must be reminded that the promises of scholarship will always, in time, filter out half-baked intellectuals in order to maintain the glory of knowledge.

Baba Bala Katsina, of blessed existence, is a young scholar with even a bigger promise. He is a scholar who understands the recipe for 21st century scholarship. He adorns his write-ups with humility, respect and discipline. His views are always modest and solid with facts. Scholars owe their society the duty of bridging gaps through their productive writes up and engagements. And this is what Baba Bala Katsina has been doing to the society to the euphoria of all. No one engages this young scholar or carefully follow his write-ups without appreciating his sense of reasoning and problem-solving abilities. His tremendous impact on young people and society at large, is indeed immeasurable.

The first failure of social media scholars is the belief that they are too educated to be corrected or disputed. We have seen scholars of international repute who modestly accept corrections and opinions superior to theirs in spite of the depth of intellectualism reached. This is how their ideas emerged superb in global discourses on topical issues around the world. And that is how scholarship should be as long as we want to maintain and improve the beauty of intellectualism. After all, it will be very clear to the society in the long run, about the genuine ambassadors of knowledge, who thrive to preserve the standard and integrity of scholarship.

Many people have made useful observations on the trending issues on social media and have made their analyses privately without attracting unnecessary attention. Some of them have achieved high level of proficiency in research and writing. But they choose to maintain a very low profile for their concern is not public notification rather societal transformation and development thereby contributing immensely towards providing lasting solutions to societal challenges without making any unnecessary noise about it.

Baba Bala Katsina, I do not write to raise you above your peers, rather to encourage you to keep on the good work of writing for thousands of readers are satisfied with your style of writing, cherish your humility, respect your tolerance and above all your sense of in-depth reasoning and scholarship. May your pen never cease to flow knowledge and wisdom. We are all proud of you.

Thumbs up!

Bello Sani Farouq.


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