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Home Opinion Opinion: Open Letter to Ex-Governor Ibrahim Shema – By Danladi Abubakar Filin Polo
Opinion: Open Letter to Ex-Governor Ibrahim Shema – By Danladi Abubakar Filin Polo

Opinion: Open Letter to Ex-Governor Ibrahim Shema – By Danladi Abubakar Filin Polo


Your Excellency, the former Governor of Katsina State Alhaji Ibrahim Shehu Shema, I hope this letter finds you in the way you have chosen to live. As a Pro, in 1998 some various groups and organizations, including the groups known as G-18 and G- 34 formed the PDP pivoted on centrist policies in the political continuum.

The party which favors social obscurantism on moral and religious grounds, free-market policies which support economic liberalism and moderately advocated state autonomy was the nectar which facilitated its recognition across the country.
The fortunes of the party as you are fully aware unexpectedly started dwindling soon after the 2007 general elections that saw the emergence of serpentine leadership in some states of the Federation.
Katsina state had its share of feebleness championed by the then leadership’s insensitivity to yearnings of the electorate laced with greed and arrogance which effectively nourished the drift and loss of the savoir-faire within the fold of the PDP and in the State political realm.
Soon after the death of our benefactor the latter Yar’adua, the emergent leadership swelled from being an employee of the people of Katsina state to a seemingly new phenomenon characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, and dictatorship.
As a result of the exhibited tendencies, many party members without any ambiguity prognosticated the end of the party as early as 2012.
Your Excellency may wish to know that throughout PDP’s years of being, it was only during the 2007-2015 dispiritedness that its members became ignored and traumatized where patronage in terms of contracts and political offices to politicians and indigenes of the state were glaringly relegated.

The local economy suffered from the introduction and engagement of contractors from outside the state. Promises were breached and there was no hesitation to the use of bad- mannered language at the slightest provocation by leadership at any public occasion.
Your Excellency at the end of 2013 with many party members, contractors, and the insulted elites disillusioned a massive whirlwind swept over the party that political astuteness, and has become methodically dismembered by another beneficiary of their political drudgery.
Your excellency one amazing feat never achieved by any political leader in Nigeria was how you facilitated and ensured the Katsina State PDP lost all its senators, members of the house of representative and State assembly members including the council chairmen and their councilors all during your so-called blotto party-leadership.
To finally casket the party for burial, you foisted a mediocre as the party’s gubernatorial candidate. Thus, your leadership adequately promoted and defended the losses the party suffered.
Your Excellency, we are conscious of how the PDP’s moral legitimacy was shredded, and how mediocre individuals were handed over the mantle of the State party leadership, the current status cannot continue. The grapevine has it that it was your plan for the party to fail again.
Pundits were always quick to point to how you despised even a small token recognition to the late Yar’Adua, the Ummaru  Musa Yar’adua Convocation in mind. We have begun to take advantage of the spirit of the revival of PDP in us to turn things around.
While the provocative act and utterances of party leadership and your surrogates are distinctively becoming worrisome, it is clear that the party members will not allow the repeat of the 2007-2015 party manipulation by whosoever.
It is appropriate to say the ilk of those with controversial grave allegations of siphoning the resources of the Katsina state should concentrate on proving otherwise in the courts. The party has had enough of infringements.
The PDP in Katsina State has a life, but under the heavy moral burden, an  unexplainable tragedy resulting from the baggage of your excesses. It is consequent upon the highlighted facts that it becomes necessary to call on you to ponder over the PDP leadership in the State and step aside in the pursuit of victory for the party.
Let me assure Your Excellency that addressing the leadership issue is important as we march towards the elections of 2019. The failure of your withdrawal or continued persistent meddling in the affairs of the great party and its leadership alignment may escalate the ennui and turn rather unpleasant.
The party should be able to get a flag bearer who has perpetual patience, resourcefulness and tact-all qualities in which your proposed candidates are distinctively lacking.
Thank you for sparing time to read through a bird’s- eye view.

Danladi Abubakar Filin Polo quarters near Federal Medical Centre, Katsina


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