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Home Politics 2019 Elections: Umar Tata lists 6 points agenda if elected Katsina State Governor
2019 Elections: Umar Tata lists 6 points agenda if elected Katsina State Governor

2019 Elections: Umar Tata lists 6 points agenda if elected Katsina State Governor


Popular politician and philanthropist Alhaji Umar Abdu Tsauri also known as Tata has in a long written article posted on his Facebook wall itemized some of his ideas that he will use in running the affairs of the state if elected Governor in 2019.

Below is what he wrote:


Since after the official opening of Funtua Zonal Office of PDP, I have been turning in bed with the nagging desire to talk to my people and the good people of Katsina state as to what they should expect from me should I be entrusted with their mandate to govern Katsina in 2019 inshaa Allah. This is made more compelling by the kind of reception I and my party received at Funtua which was not only overwhelming, but unprecedented for a candidate and a party that Katsinawa rejected in 2015!

Dukiyar mu gidan mu is the spirit with which I intend to galvanise nationalistic support and redefine economic intelligentsia in Katsina State come 2019 inshaa Allah.

It is obvious to every sane person in Katsina State that by the time we reach 2019 there will, obviously be no money to run Katsina State, going by the crazy nature the present government is running the state today. That in itself is not the problem, the biggest problem is the debt that any incoming government may meet which as at now, in a mere 2 years, stands at N77.7 billion. Only God knows what will happen in the remaining years! To think or expect that it will be rosy for any incoming government or the people of the state is merely wishful.

God in His infinite mercy has bestowed on me the trust of the most ordinary man and woman of Katsina state. Ordinary Katsina man believes that if I become governor I will give him food, I will give him shelter, I will empower him and give him the means to pursue self recognition and happiness. I will cater for his debt, take care of his children and be a father to the orphaned. This is true. I will be all these and much more! It is this trust that made me in 2014 to say that unless the widows of Katsina state buy for me, with their own money, PDP form for governor I will not contest. With no media ado, within two weeks, over N23M was raised for me! That trust still subsists and if anything more amplified by the mistake of voting APC into power.

I intend to ask from one million ordinary Katsina man and woman for a contributory investment of N10,000 within the first one month of being sworn in. My intention is to raise N100billion from this equity to leverage my economic plan for turning Katsina around.

1. With this money I intend to build my 250-350 megawatts power plant, raise my transmission lines and settle amicably with PHCN the distribution lines that supply electricity to our homes all across the state being that all the poles, cables and transformers belong to the state government. With this, coming from the money of ordinary Katsina folks, I intend to give Katsina State 24 hour uninterrupted power supply forever! It is their power and I am sure they will protect it!

2. While I am doing this, I will concurrently designate a vast industrial development zone where I intend to build new Katsina. I will provide every infrastructure needed and ensure necessary incentives to attract closed-down industries that abound in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Aba, Portharcourt etc. These industries will create the necessary demand that I will inturn use to revolutionise agriculture in the state.

3. I will build 5 star hotel in Katsina to meet the influx and a world class hospital in conjunction with the American Hospital in Dubai. I will expand the accommodation network in the state and put Katsina Water Board within the commercial basket of Dukiyar Mu Gidan Mu. I will make sure that the whole water supply system is overhauled to meet my 24 hour supply target to almost all the local governments of the state.

4. In the first three months I will, in conjunction with the traditional authorities, undertake a population census in the state. I will convene a statewide conference of all masu unguwa, hardo, magaddai, Hakimai and our two emirs to work out the modalities for this census. There is no household in Katsina State that is not under a certain Mai Unguwa or hardo. I will use this census to know the number of the people I have, their ages, sexes, status and what have you. I will through this census determine the farmlands available in the state, its sizes and owners, the scale and capacity of the owners, the extension requirements and what have you to guide planning and intervention.

5. I will establish Katsina Bank for Rural and Industrial Development with the N100bn raised as its initial take off capital and it is through this bank that all our economic and developmental programs will be anchored. I will cause to issue a state C of O to every house, every farm, every biz premises and every land in the state. These monies are to help us move independent of the subvention from the federation account which by then would have been tied to serving the crazy loans that Masari is daily accumulating for the state.

6. The little available from the monies received from Abuja will be purely for social responsibilities, payment of salaries, expansion, upgrade and maintenance of our hospitals, educational intervention, youth empowerment and what have you, but the main projects that will take Katsina out and put it on an enduring path of growth and development will be born from outside the box using our God given ingenuity and the resilience of our people.

The key word here is NATIONALISM! I want to give pride to every Bakatsine for being Bakatsine which is assured if he knows that the state will be there for him. To achieve that I have to make him a stakeholder in the Katsina project.

This is just a tip of the ice bag that I just couldn’t resist sharing with you!

Nagode kwarai.


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