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Home Opinion Opinion: Bring back our President – By Dikko Muhammad
Opinion: Bring back our President – By Dikko Muhammad

Opinion: Bring back our President – By Dikko Muhammad



Funny as it may sound, it is time we stage protest to reclaim the General we have voted for in 2015. The integrity of our President is still as it was in the years back -unchallenged by friends and foes. BUT, the story from 2015 to the present is full of BUTS, unexpected twists and turns, and shocking revelations. A lot of people have started thinking whether the BABA BUHARI they voted for is still the same BUHARI in the Aso Rock or he has been “abducted” by a certain people call “the cabals”

President Buhari is still revered by his supporters. If prompted with a question, I can say that he is the most loved President ever in Nigeria. People contributed money to finance his campaign. To this day, whenever there is a blunder in his administration, self-sponsored, self-proclaimed and self-appointed “spokespersons” on social media are on the alert to justify it and pounce on any critic of the government. Even some States Governors enjoy the privileged status of the President that when you say something against them, they say you’re attacking the President in disguise. Baba is untouchable! Shikenan.

However, in the starkest sense, recent happenings are gradually depleting the popularity of the President. While commending his prompt action on Maina case, it is still unclear what took him and is taking him so long to act on the reports of the suspended SGF and NIA boss. Almost nothing is known about whether or not the two are guilty or not. It is over two months now, Baba is still, presumably, reading the report on them. The secret recruitement that was allegedly first orchestrated by the CBN now continues in other largely elite-dominated and “cabal owned” FIRS, NPA, NNPC, DPR etc. Baba’s unexpected silences on these allegations create in people unhealthy thoughts that all these wrong doings are being done with his knowledge and consent.

The consensus today is that the General has been hypotized, hijacked and made submissive to an unknown group of people call “the cabals” who rule the country behind the scenes. The actions of some of the President’s ministers and other officials cast doubts as to whether they are responsible to the President or the cabals. The scariest is the body language of Buhari’s officials. Some of them act as if they appointed themselves and are pursuing their own definitive interest. There ought to be a collective effort to deliver the change promises of the government. But often, you find the EFCC and DSS bosses contradicting each other. Same applies with the Minister of Justice who often gives what one can best call legal lacuna as legal “guide”. Today, Hamid Ali joined the First Lady and said that about 50% of the officials in the government are just PDP cronies.

Now, the bitter truth is that Nigerians did not vote for cabals. They voted for President Muhammadu Buhari. If this administration succeeds, the President takes the credit and if he fails, God forbid, he would still be held responsible. Moreover, nobody would ever think that a former military Head of State, army general could be at the mercy of some “bloody civilians” tagged as cabals. The President has been known as a man who stands for what is good even when he is acting as a lone ranger. Every time the President keeps mum about secret recruitments and other forms of corruption under his leadership, he loses important, reliable and loyal supporters.

Why we are concern and incessantly praying, talking and writing for Buhari to succeed? We believe that Buhari’s success is a success for democracy. His success will make the common man more hopeful; the critic more ambitious of a better Nigeria; the citizen more proud. His failure will also have negative consequences on the democratic future of the country as it would make people disillusioned about anybody expected to improve people’s lives on attaining power. If Buhari fails, who do you think the ordinary man will ever believe again?

May the President find the courage to shake off the cabals that undermine his power and goodwill for the Nigerians. Our fully civilian former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan could be excused when he said he had to remove fuel subsidy because the cabals were stealing the money. But we cannot forgive a Military General for failing to squarely deal with the cabals, most of them “bloody civilians”.

Baba Buhari is the only President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria today. We cannot afford to have so many “Presidents” becoming more powerful than the legitimate President. Please tell them to Bring Back Our President!

Dikko Wurma Muhammad.



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