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Home Opinion Katsina @30 and the omission of Shema on the list of Awardees – By Sadiq Tijjani Inuwa Bakori
Katsina @30 and the omission of Shema on the list of Awardees – By Sadiq Tijjani Inuwa Bakori

Katsina @30 and the omission of Shema on the list of Awardees – By Sadiq Tijjani Inuwa Bakori


Katsina State is celebrating its 30th anniversary this Saturday. But the organizing committee deliberately made an avoidable, silly error which stairs up reactions and heavy critisism from various quarters as a result of the omission of erstwhile Governor of the state, Barr. Ibrahim Shehu Shema on the list of Awardees to be honoured as part of the Ongoing 30th anniversary for the creation of the state. The award was meant for  those that contributed immensely towards the development of the state. The list included all the former Governors that ruled the state since its creation 30 years ago as well as other important personalities. However, curiously Shema was the only name missing on the list. This has generated criticism and condemnation from both shema’s sympathizers and foes alike. The omission is a blunder that should be condemned by every discerning mind.

Shema has done a lot to develop katsina that no matter how much  you hated him, you can not deny the fact that he’s one of the best Governors to have ever lead the State,only second to Yar’adua in my opinion. Shema’s remarkable achievements speak for themselves.

If lt.Col. Joseph Akagerger (Rtd) who did nothing worth celebrating in his brief sojourn as Military Administrator of Katsina state can be awarded for no reason other than being a former governor of the state, I see no reason why Shema who has done much more than Akagerger in developing Katsina state will not be celebrated.

What happened in Rivers state should serve as an epitome for Masari and his handlers to copy. In spite of the long pilitical squabbles, accusation and counter-accusations between Gov.Wike and Amaechi, that did not deter Wike from  approving  the nomination of his arch-rival and immediate predecessor, Amaechi, among those to be honoured  and conferred with the Grand Service Star for their contributions to the development of Rivers at the 50th anniversary of the state creation. Although, Amaechi rejected the nomination for the award, the point however is, Wike has done the needful by approving the nomination of Amaechi for the award. History will be kind to Wike that despite the intense squabbles among the two political gladiators, hate did not becloud his judgement and no one will accuse him of political meanness and personal vendetta. Here in Katsina, the reverse is the case.

What is more nauseating and utterly ridiculous was the reason gave by the chairman of the committee who is also the secretary to the state government, Dr. Mustapha Inuwa as reported by Katsina post ”the state decides to award only the Pioneer Civilian Governors of the State and which unfortunately , Barrister Shema did not fall into the category.”

If this reason is anything to go by, the name of Yaradua should not be included as he’s not the pioneer civilian governor of Katsina. Therefore this reason can not hold water.

We don’t give a damn about the criteria adopted that led to the omission of Shema’s name. If not for ulterior motive, why will the committee adopted a criteria that affect only one person. There is no moral justification for his omission whatsoever.

Shema  means different things to different people. He’s a tyrant and arrogant person to some people while others consider him as a humble leader who brought so much infrastructural development to the state. No matter what, shema was once Katsina state Governor for good 8 years  as such omitting his name was unjustifiable blunder.

Some people may say that Shema is being charge to court and standing trial for corruption, hence his nomination will amount to contempt of the law. That argument  can not hold water. Because shema is not yet convicted as such he is still innocent in the eyes of the law. Even if shema was convicted that will not be an issue that will stop the state from celebrating him in such an important event in the history of our dear state. Every human being has both good and bad sides. Why not overlook his imperfections and rewarded him for the good service he had rendered to the state.

I implore his Excellency to remember that sooner or later his tenure will expire and will be replace by somebody. You never know who your successor will be. By the time Katsina state will celebrate its 40th anniversary, Masari may be gone and if unlucky, may suffer the same humiliation he did to Shema.

Many people who voiced their dismay over the omission may not necessarily be fans of Shema but defended him for equity, justice and fairness. Their concern is not shema in person but the love for Katsina state where good deeds are celebrated.

Why do Masari camp love inviting unnecessary and avoidable criticism to themselves. An award to shema will not reduce Masari in anyway but may portray him as a statesman. By giving Shema an award ,even if he reject the nomination,  masari will have won himself a respect and admiration of many people and a cheap political point.

Most of the places where the event are taking place were built or completed by the person who has done nothing to deserve recognition in the anniversary. Take Karkanda stadium(now Muhammad Dikko) and Government House for instance. What an irony!

The 30 year history of Katsina state is incomplete without the 8 years of Shema administration. I am sorry your excellency but You can not reverse history. This an uncomfortable truth you must accept and live with.

Happy 30th Anniversary of our dear state, Katsina. Oh sorry its 22nd.

Allah raya Jihar Katsina.

Sadiq Tijjani Inuwa Bakori


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