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Home Opinion OPINION: Governor Masari, Funtua People are in Pain – By Abdul Shamsu Funtua
OPINION: Governor Masari, Funtua People are in Pain – By Abdul Shamsu Funtua

OPINION: Governor Masari, Funtua People are in Pain – By Abdul Shamsu Funtua

Closely observing the 2015 elections, I was particularly not interested in voting even if I was eligible to. I’m the type who would rather listen to what a wide range of people had to say about a topic or person before drawing my inference. The blind could vividly see, the deaf could also clearly hear the plights of the people of Funtua Zone. Everyone was tired of the Gov. Shema’s Administration. Left, right and center was all bad news and unhearable tantrums by the former governor. My heart sunk, my spirit prayed for change, my soul yearned in hope, my body agitated in anger and fury. 

It was a different game on the streets when you awarded the upgrade of the General Hospital Funtua and Funtua central motor park,  Partisans and neutrals commended you. And the award for rehabilitation of Idi Maska Road. Indeed, it was immense and worthy of praise. Space won’t permit me to begin to list of schools renovated in Funtua, but it’s there for us to see. Well done sir.
I know a few praise singers, the same ones who praise every person in power, will misrepresent my intentions by this letter and will advise you accordingly. However, for the sake of Funtua people, Katsina State and posterity I am guided to place my thoughts. That way, if you do not succeed as Governor, it will not be for lack of honest and helpful ideas.
In a sane country, Funtua is supposed to be the finest and most decent environment one could leave in, yet it has become a state of ridicule and abject suffering of the poor masses having experienced the slow pace of infrastrutural development.
Your Excellency, your predecessor abandoned us, Was it an act of wickedness or plain selfishness? Did he nurse a psychological hatred for Funtua  and her people? These are questions we still couldn’t get answers. By the fact of Funtua is the most popular town after katsina city in the state. Funtua has been developmentally slow, almost abandoned. There have been no improvement in overall infrastructure provision to the public. Clearly visible is an increasingly degraded economic and socio-political environment.
Construction of Funtua Central Motor park you awarded has since been abandoned, after almost a year after award of the contract,  the project have been abandoned and contractors have abandoned their machinery at work site. Only few security men who guards the almost abandoned site were seen milling around.
It is a shame that whenever you are travelling into Katsina state from Zaria, you do not need to see the “welcome to Katsina State” sign. The transition from good roads to sudden potholes will surely tell you you have crossed into Katsina State. It is horrible.
Jabiri Road has remained an eyesore and an albatross for several years now. This road has become a shadow of its former self. Degenerating daily, the road is now almost impassable and the slightest rain would turn to battle filled with sorrow, tears and regret. Yet, the road remains neglected and dilapidated. One then wonders what the three tiers of government are doing. Perhaps, both local and state governments under whose jurisdiction the road falls in would be passing the bulk on the premise that it’s a federal road, forgetting the huge revenue they both rake in from commercial bus operators and traders day-in, day-to-day. I can’t just imagine why our government is so insensitive to the plight of the citizenry.
I don’t think anyone can be able to mention one new road that was constructed in the almost 6years in Funtua. No single new road was constructed. Previous government awarded the rehabilitation of katsina road which was badly and poorly constructed. Portion of the road is dotted with dangerous potholes by Idi Maska/Katsina Road junction which needs to be fixed barely a year after construction. The current government only awarded the rehabilitation of Idi Maska Road which is less than 2km.
Permit me to state clearly that this is not an act of condemnation, but a wake up call on the government of Katsina state  to expedite actions towards rehabilitation of its roads for easy and free flow of commercial activities.
I know and I’m happy that you’re a loving and caring father, a mentor and performer who will definitely yearn to the cry of his people, and I have this personal conviction that this letter will get to you and you will act fast on all that have been stated above.
Abdul Shamsu Funtua.


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