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Home Opinion OPINION: Federal University Dutsinma (FUDMA) and Carelessness of The Northerners – M. S. Ingawa  
OPINION: Federal University Dutsinma (FUDMA) and Carelessness of The Northerners – M. S. Ingawa  

OPINION: Federal University Dutsinma (FUDMA) and Carelessness of The Northerners – M. S. Ingawa  


FUDMA is a federal institution located at Dutsinma katsina state established for the purpose of promoting university education in the state and the country at large, it is one of the federal universities established by Goodluck’s administration but ‘’unfortunately’’ for katsina people, the first appointed VC of the university was a non-katsina indigenously and non-muslim religiously under the watch of our then political, traditional and influential leaders. I am not saying that as a Nigerian citizen, he has no right upon that, but rather I mean, there were even more deserved people from katsina than him which I believe would adhere to the traditional and legal ruling in running the university. CARELESNESS!!!

The university has over time, turned to something else, an avenue where guests are maltreating home-based people, corruption is rampant all over, fundamental rights are being denied and many more. It has gone to the extent that in this university (FUDMA), muslims are denied a space for saying their 5 daily prayers, 70-80% of yearly admitted students are not from katsina and almost not from either of the states in the country BUT the state(of origin) of the VC, 70-80% of the working staff are not from katsina and almost not from either of the states in the country BUT the state(of origin) of the VC, offer is being issued to a person when he has not even completed his NYSC(provided that he is not a muslim and he is from the VC’s state), big plot!!! Is approved for building of church in the permanent site but there is no good provision for a masjid for muslims. Even the cleaners and typical junior staff are not from katsina but from his state AND all these things in dutsinma! katsina state (hausa bakwai member)!! where 99% of the people are MUSLIMS!!!. What brought all these? CARELESSNESS!!! No more no less.

By mere seeing and hearing, one can testify that, this cannot be comprehended common sensically and due to that, some concerned, minded, anxious personalities (exonerated people from the above leaders), organizations and religious leaders started (tirelessly and relentlessly) making an effort to put an end to the mischievous actions and injustice of this reckless, partial and heartless personality. Out of their efforts and help from some top officials in the country, a decent, patriotic and concerned personality was brought (appointed) as VC by name, Prof. Haruna Abdu Kaita, an ABU based professor (naturally ahead) and true citizen of katsina that came on board with the intention of reverting the true reputation of the university, preserve justice, reshape and take the university back to its normal track.

Allah (S.W.A) out of his infinite mercy, helped this man of honor in accomplishing his tasks MAJORLY (by so many rough and horny ways) so far to the extent that, 70-80% of the admitted students are majorly from north and specifically katsina, so also staff (advertisements are even done in a way that we can benefit majorly) and fundamental rights are half way or fully preserved BUT just of recent, it has come to our notice that, this man of God and integrity is SUSPENDED for 6 consecutive months by the so called GOVERNING COUNCIL of the university led by a BAHAUSHIYA, YAR KATTSINA AND MUSLIM woman based on some myopic reasons (wai!! CHRISTIANS are denied their rights as one the reasons). KAI!!! Allah wadan naka ya lalace, you (governing council) have forgotten the actions of these Christians few years back and you are bold enough to confront the MUSLIMS and YAN KATSINA with such expression!!!? Go to southern part of the country and try to own a land, try applying for a university or any institution even if it is international (except private because you are paying), try owning a shop or similar, try contesting in their politics, try claiming your right, try, try, try, try…………… sirs, the story is completely different, perpendicular and entirely parallel. Or is it that you are CARELESS enough to see and think of this? TAKE HEED.

MY ADVISE TO THE GOVERNING COUNCIL is that, they should shun away all sentiments and face the reality, in katsina and north, are your fathers, mothers, friends, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and relatives so think of a way of making their life better, that is the whole idea of character commission and remember (muslims of you) that, you will have to account for every single action in your life on the day of resurrection, and that these people you are defending WALLAHI!!! Don’t love you and would never (as ALLAH told us). TAKE HEED.

And over to you NORTHERN LEADERS, this is the second best time for you to act especially MAI MARTABA SLS II, not until when it comes to western ideology propagation (mata 2, mata ta mari mai gidanta, aurar da mace tana 17, arewa talakawa ne etc), we want hear you voice boldly as long as you are proclaiming justice, human right and islam.

Our call:

#Profkaitareinstated #Justicepreserved #Rightsemancipated #Arewaforward #Islamforward

Office of the CITIZEN, FGN & KTSG

M. S. Ingawa










  1. M S Ingawa. Good presentation but remember every one would account for his actions, note that our background made us to do things for granted ignoring the obligations prescribed both leaders unless but few. I have no doubt that any matters infringe with religious or section rather tribes wouldn’t solve situation significantly. But with due respect anybody alleged wrong doing with TRUST repose on him should be cleared, otherwise, favouritism is a courage for hopeless leader but courage is commitment and compliment of a leader with good plans to execute and promote well being of educational institutions of the future. However, is better than good intentions that served. families and friends under the shade of publics benefit and their resources respectively. Let the governing council go on with there prior investigation, we remain bless to hear the outcome.

  2. Am rather sad reading this piece written by M S Ingawa. Although it may sound good to some but I believe,to every right thinking person may find it odd for its lack of critical evaluation of the things which led the suspension of Prof. Kaita.

    It will be wise had it been that Ingawa enumerated the allegations label against Kaita and also debunk them one after the other with crystal clear reasons/proofs than bringing sentiment,bias in his writing.

  3. Ingawa, be more realistic, some of us are studying in western universities and we are giving fair treatment in admission, at times we are giving favor as being less advantage states. Is just that not everyone of us keep to the pace of competition there so we simply say we are denied. Don’t be too fanatic based on your selfish interest. The few 1% Christian with you in Katsina are you treating them fair? If they apply for admission you will not give (UMYUK), School of Nursing are examples. FUDM is federal not state, every body is entitled to equal access especially based on merit not based on religion . It is different from University of Katsina which Arabic and UMYUK which is state. Read well about the act that established federal University. If you want to make criticism, based it on facts, don’t be a kifin rijiya and be describing what is happening in the sea. Have you not read? Nigeria is the number one religious country in the world but ranking high in corruption and other vices. Where is the religion? Other countries are going higher we busy fighting for the faith we are not practicing well!

    Wake up, you are indirectly telling me you can not rule diverse country like Nigeria.


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