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Home Opinion OPINION: Funtua Motor Park: Open Letter To Governor Aminu Bello Masari – BY Abdul Shamsu
OPINION: Funtua Motor Park: Open Letter To Governor Aminu Bello Masari – BY Abdul Shamsu

OPINION: Funtua Motor Park: Open Letter To Governor Aminu Bello Masari – BY Abdul Shamsu


It is with a deep sense of humility that I write to convey to you my sincere feelings on the Proposed rehabilitation of Funtua Local Government central motor park project,  No doubt, many of us were happy when the news came in that you will rehabilitate the motor park. We had reasons to be happy and to celebrate.  

Your Excellency, The central motor park has been in its current state for over a decade with your predecessors ignoring  and repudiating it, it is no news that every one that has been into the park can definitely express how agonizing it is to move around the park.  Funtua was indeed blessed with highly gifted and very bright minds. The unfortunate result was the lack of unity, cohesion and solidarity among the people. Because we could not speak with one voice in matters of common interest, some people  became easily manipulated and preyed upon for their selfish interest whose tactics has always been to divide and rule.  I am in shock that 150 people  from  Funtua would assent to such unpatriotic journey to meet  you at the state’s government house to demand for cancellation of full rehabilitation that only favors very few people.

I am also at loss with words that these same People are mostly handpicked and sponsored to travel to Government house to oppose and reject the full rehabilitation of the motor park, they were given the sum of N500,000 to share.  The worst part of it is that they were accompanied by Member representing Funtua in the state house of assembly and one of your right hand man. It is very unfortunate that the person we voted to represent us at the legislature to help push for laws that will benefit us saw nothing amiss in the cancellation and downgrading the project.

It is unfortunate that Alh. Idi Danliman who is considered a patriot and Hon. Abubakar Total who was there on his own without the approval of his constituents, they both threw patriotism and majority’s interest out of the window to support the downgrading of the project, with Your Excelency playing the unfortunate role of accepting and dancing to their tone. Their demand, if not stemmed is capable of eroding whatever is left in your administration.

Your excellency sir, I feel it will be most unpatriotic if I fail to draw your attention, for leadership to be effective, a leader and his subjects must play their roles symbolically, this is a disturbing observation and needs to be handled.

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people. For the sake of setting record straight, conduct a public opinion survey and you will see how selfish those people are that demand for cancellation and reduction of the project scope are just doing it for their selfish interest, they don’t represent us, they don’t have the interest of the majority at heart, most of the people that appeared before you were brainwashed and sponsored to appear without knowing the benefits associated with the upgrade. I am of the stance that your decision should reflect the change you promised us. The project is needed most at this moment in history when the state government is searching for other ways of increasing the internal generated revenue, your excellency sir, these people are not experts in environmental development neither are they in economy, it’s a project that will benefit the state in general and can’t be abandoned in the expense of very few people’s selfish interest. No genuine development can take place in any sector of the economy without adequately and resourcefully involving and taking a radical decision when necessary. We have to move forward, we can’t continue to be in the same situation just because some very few people think that decision doesn’t favor them. We are in full support of full demolition and reconstruction of the Funtua central motor park.

We appeal for the reversion of the decision. It is not in the interest of the majority and your administration. That view, pretty much echoes the sentiments expressed by the majority of people. Their request to reduce the scope of the project if granted is capable of pitching your government against the people.  The  lack of common understanding and inability to speak with one voice is the major problem we are facing. I emphasised the need for the us to come together and speak with one voice. let’s forget our differences and fight for better Funtua.

God Bless Funtua Local Government God Bless Katsina State

Abdul Shamsu Funtua Writes (


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