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Home Opinion Opinion: WHAT PMB SHOULD HAVE Done – By Dikko Muhammad
Opinion: WHAT PMB SHOULD HAVE Done – By Dikko Muhammad

Opinion: WHAT PMB SHOULD HAVE Done – By Dikko Muhammad



I want to begin by admitting my naivety on National issues. The highest administrative post I held was that of President SUG for some months as an undergraduate in my alma mater. Plus the fact that my knowledge of Economics is still layman’s. However, I cannot resist the urge to present to my friends these issues, at least for the sake of argument on how we should be governed.

Everyone knows that the President has achieved so much in so little time in the war against Boko Haram. We see his determination in his inaugural speech where he took a firm decision of taking the headquarters to the very spot of the crisis, Maiduguri. We have seen how the military and other security agencies approach the situation with commitment and very strong will.

Now, other decisions would have been announced at the historic moment in Eagle Square. The President should have formed a special court, with judges of unquestionable integrity, to treat corruption, which has become another name for Nigeria. These judges should have been given directives not to allow lawyers to delay the cases. This was part of the agenda of the administration but still no progress on it. The stolen funds would have been recovered in the easiest and quickest way. Today, nobody, absolutely nobody, fears being arrested by the EFCC. An army of lawyers awaits to defend his looting and clean his name of any mess. While we continue to feel very disturbed by the delay, PMB has a time frame to do what he can do. Time waits for no one. If the war on graft is lost, then we should recognise the legality of looting in our constitution. Corruption is still the largest employer in the country visible at every level. People would definitely continue to loot and block every attempt to stop them. But had a prompt decision been taken by the President, we wouldn’t have been worried by the dwindling oil price. The country would’ve been more than rich by now.

A patriotic campaign was announced by the President on the need to go back to farm and produce what to eat by ourselves. But the campaign failed woefully because there was no any serious efforts to provide fertiliser to farmers at affordable price. Mechanisation was not even on the agenda. A week ago, I was at my village, Wurma where my uncle told me that he bought #Urea at N10,000  #Kampa at N7,000. Now to expect the produce to be cheap Is a funny business not likely to be accepted even by the most gullible. Had it been fertiliser was subsidised, things would have been different by now.

Some months ago, the country was held hostage by some people calling themselves Avengers. At a point the President was quoted saying they should stop bombing pipelines for the sake of God. Now that too was a funny business. Allow the Imams and the pastors to resort to spiritual begging. The President should have used the Presidential power vested in him by the constitution and dealt with them ruthlessly. That would have send a very strong message to everyone in the country. To this day, Avengers are still out there in the creeks.

Again, the President should have shown fairness in his political appointments. By so doing, he would have set a foundation for those coming behind him to be fair to every section of the country. The issue of discrepancies in those who voted for him by 95% against 5% shouldn’t have been said completely. He should have appoint people fairly. Now my friends out there jubilating this lopsided appointments should know that most of these people would be in Abuja to represent their interests, not that of the North. And then one day, when the steering changes, we would have ourselves to blame. I know of the justification of such appointment which compares it with that of PMB’s predecessor. Now that is the funniest business. Nobody, not even Jonathan would agree to be equal to PMB. So Jonathan’s action should be used to justify that of the President.

May Allah help PMB to succeed in his promises.

A failure from the President would come with it disillusionment  of the general public as he is still seen as the last icon of hope.

God bless Nigeria.



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