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Home Politics 2019 is just 2years away and I am ready for a Re-match says TATA 
2019 is just 2years away and I am ready for a Re-match says TATA 

2019 is just 2years away and I am ready for a Re-match says TATA 



I have, with great difficulty, decided to revisit some of the derisive remarks made against my person and political philosophy which became a butt of attack by a fellow brother, not for anything but for the sake of clearing some issues for my supporters.

These issues were basically four;

1) my source of income,

2) my position as an Assistant Director while I was in service,

3) my investment in politics which he believed is a deposit lost as he put it and

4) the number of votes I scored during the last election!

These were the issues dear to him for which he repeatedly scorned me. First, I want to put it on record for anybody interested that I have heard this jejune line of questioning before that the only the small minded, the daft and the envious will ask it.

I have answered it severally such that it has become nauseatingly monotonous. I have since declared my assets with the Code of Conduct Bureau and it is in order for any interested person to apply there for my declaration form to find the answers he seek.

Secondly, it is true I left service as an Assistant Director and to reach a Directorate level in the civil service takes a minimum of 22 years. In those years, and having served in over 12 different ministries and agencies, I have learnt so much that I believe i was way ahead of some of those who became governors in Katsina state. About losing my investment I think it depends on the value one attaches to money. I have never believed that wealth is by hoarding but by giving and the ultimate reward for giving is with He who gives reward not the voters of Katsina state.

I have done such investments in Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Jigawa, Sokoto, Zamfara, Yobe, Abuja and Niger Republic. Whose vote was I seeking there? Through politics I have served my God and my people. Whatever a governor can do with his office I have done with my pocket and I am happy and contented in the knowledge that I, as a person has done my best. Whether what I got as votes is commensurate with what I gave, to me should reasonably not be measured in terms of votes. The reward for contracting the sunnah of the prophet as promised by Allah is not government house but a bigger house in jannah! I have married thousands! The reward for saving a soul is only known to Allah and hundreds have accepted Islam through me. What more do I want? Somethings cannot be seen by the blind but take it from me, if Katsinawa did not appreciate what I did by refusing to vote for me in 2015 what have I lost? I was the one who gave and they are the ones who took and the hand that gives is always higher at least that is what Rasulillah told us! So I might have lost election but with it I gained so much; experience, honour, dignity and respect! I never bow my head before anybody in the whole of Katsina state because I owe nobody anything!

Talking about what I scored, truly I scored 43,589 votes less than what Yakubu Lado scored but what did that tell you? That I am a bad person that was why I lost or the person that won was a better person that was why he won? None at all, at least from the submission of my attacker. He said they won not because they invested anything in the people that voted them in but because of strategy and dignity! Whose dignity you may ask, certainly not the person contesting against me but Buhari. Without Buhari all these people making noise are nobodys. About strategy, yes I agree totally.

Something they have been fighting to get since 2003 would have certainly been a game from which they have learnt how not to lose again. To achieve that so much was employed which was why I agree they had strategy. But compare this with me. I came into the field and met with open hostility from the then sitting government.

I traversed the state in four years, alone with no consortium of political investors, and took my name to almost every household at great risk and cost in the state. Every day the challenge was daunting and we kept on. Each time something was put on my path I never slide back but rather pushed forward. I found solutions to the greatest challenges that any politician in Katsina has ever faced. Shema said NO in 2015 I said YES while in 2007 Yaradua said NO and Masari ran away!

A whole Speaker of the House of Representativesof the Federal Republic of Nigeria and me a little Assistant Director! Now he has strategy, so he said, and that strategy is none other than begging in the name of General Buhari and he calls himself a man! No he is not! Even Buhari knows that that is why he has no respect for this bunch of leeches!

I took a party non existent in northern Nigeria, brought it to Katsina and took it to every household. PDP was fighting me, APC was fighting me and I was alone. No Councillor, no local government Chairman, no member House of Assembly, Reps, Senate, Minister, Governor or President, but I still took this battle to the end!

All these people converged against me, spending millions to divert the sense of people, hacking my line and sending voice message to over 60,000 people in the state purporting to be me and claiming that i want my people to vote other candidates and what have you. Never has Katsina ever witnessed such a grand convergence of hypocrites than at my time. And I am called a political non starter! I think we should be grateful to Allah for his favour! We started a war and we took it to the end!

Had we quitted along the way only God knows what names they will call us! Had I listened to the plea of APC to join forces with them for a deputy gubernatorial or ministerial position I would have not been in this group by now! The 43,000 votes I got came from those who stood by me against all the lies, innuendos, subterfuge and hypocrisy of those desperate to win! But that number is not a small number for a first timer! Rasulillah started his first battle with just 330 people.

Let us wait for the next battle and see what will happen but until then it is too early to claim somebody has lost his investment or call him names! 2019 is just two years a way and I am ready for a re match!


  1. I have an absolute confidence in u and there Is no doubt about your rematch for the incoming 2019 election,indeed we are great full for that,may the almighty God spare our lives till then .i remain loyal sir.

  2. I am watching Allah knows the result of the re match.Let us try to forgive ,we are katsinawas, contribute to the progress of our state and give support to our brother the present governor.
    May ALLAH give us understanding

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