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Home Opinion OPINION: PRESIDENT MUHAMMAD BUHARI @365 DAYS By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a
OPINION: PRESIDENT MUHAMMAD BUHARI @365 DAYS By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a

OPINION: PRESIDENT MUHAMMAD BUHARI @365 DAYS By Comrade Ibrahim Haruna MaiJama’a



If Nigeria were looking for a combination of George Washington of United States, Winston Churchill of United Kingdom, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, Mao Ze Dung of Federal Republic of China, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Mahatma Gandhi of India, it doesn’t need to look far; all of these national heroes arguably converge on one person – Muhammad Buhari, whom I believed is the only Nigeria’s legit hero who serves Nigeria with everything he has, without taking a kobo that he do not earned. He is the peoples General, the hope of the masses, the indefatigable one, the epitome of incorruptibility, the standard of leadership, the nightmare of the corrupt, the presidents’ president, the mentor of all mentors and the savior of the oppress. Today is your day, we rejoice with you for your wonderful achievements within 365 days.

But let us go back to the above saying, one could well wonder, after having considered all the difficulties encountered by Nigerians in this newly elected government of change, and I am still describing Muhammad Buhari with all these unbelievable qualities. Yes I do, and I will always do, because I have every reason to believe it, yes veni vidi vici (we came we saw and we conquer) the dividend of democracy for the first time. Though, I am not economist and I am not pretending to be one, but I have a mindset that, a positive development in any sector or state does not come accidentally, instead, it’s by hard working, discipline, decisiveness and perseverance of the leaders so also the sacrifices of the citizen.

I consider all these difficulties as our sacrifices for a better Nigeria.Before I go further, let me give a vivid flash back of President Muhammad Buhari’s promises during his manifestation; Muhammad Buhari promised Nigerians to fight against corruption, insecurity, unemployment, promised transparency and accountability, minimum government, global diplomacy, social welfare and economic diversification among others. And so to say, Nigerians have every right to challenge Mr. President if he prove himself otherwise for his promises, at the end of his administration, when the sum of 1460 days elapsed, or 4 years equivalency.

Nevertheless, today 29th May, 2016, marked one fourth of the journey so far. Be that as it may, PMB has scored A for his 365 days in office, res ipsa liquortor (the matter speaks itself). Security, the first priority of this government as repeatedly said by PMB is security, “You must secure the country before you can imagine it well”, is a classic statement the president has continue to repeat. The relocation of the Military Command Centre to Maiduguri, since May 2015, contributes to the success in the fight against insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country, this step and many more has proven the Presidents’ willingness to make Nigeria great again. Where we stand on this today is the best captured by the country’s Attorney-General and Minister of justice, Abubakar Malam in saying that “The capacity of Boko Haram to hold territory has totally been decimated. Our focus now is on dealing with the remnants of their forces and re-focusing on the unfortunate humanitarian challenge caused by their activities.”

Corruption, there is no argument in the saying, “before, Nigeria is a country of paradoxes, one in which the VIP steals an elephant and runs away with it but the poor man stealing a goat goes to jail for up to 30 years or even eternity.” But here it comes today, PMB has severally expressed his frustrations over the fact that known thieves, 419 kingpins fly over our heads in a private jets and run around Jaguars must be brought to justice. The establishment of National Prosecution Coordination Committee NPCC, the anti-corruption ground with several high profile cases already in courts among others. You and I can attest to that, our panel of judges were always busy in bringing back, the equality before the law. Unemployment and Social welfare, PMB’s administration is the first in Nigeria’s history to take a major step towards the institution of a social welfare scheme as enunciated by the APC. One million of country’s poorest of the poor will get a monthly supplement of N5,000. Another one million will get start-up loans from the Bank of industry. Five hundred thousand graduates will get teaching jobs and 375,000 others without degrees will receive a training to acquire skills. There is money allocated for scholarship for medical, science and technology students in tertiary institutions and a meal-a-day for million children in primary schools across the country. For the first time in Nigeria’s history, the ordinary citizen can claim that he/she has a budget of his/her own.

In addition, Global diplomacy, in one year, the President has successfully reset the relationship between this country and her immediate neighbors and without our lost friends, both far and near. The West, Far East and Middle-East countries as well as our neighbors who walked away from this country on account of the arrogance of our fast leaders, corruption and abuse of human right have all come back to us. Over the fast one year in which the President travelled to many countries, he succeeded in convincing the world that Nigeria is now under a responsible management with government that is inviting of prospective investors. As a result of his travels, Nigeria’s image has improved and the country is occupying a preeminent place in the comity of the nations. Of course, PMB has indeed been a revelation to the world. In addition to improving the standard of the country, his personal integrity has giving him the ever international attention by any past President of this country.

Diversification of economy, the President campaign for the diversification of economy, away from over-dependence on oil is already setting a tone for the transformation of economy into an agriculture and industrial one. Implementation of the Treasury Single Account TSA has provided greater visibility of government revenues and cash flows, in three months the TSA account hits over N3trillion. The fuel subsidy issue is a well-known cause of trouble in this country. Every government in the past that tried to remove it got tested in its political will and dropped it like a hot metal. Yet, even those who vocally supported it knew that fuel subsidy served as a scam to line the pockets of officials and cronies in business. Moreover, acting in the best national interest, the President took the very brave action of liberalizing the Import of Premium Motor Spirit PMS products by first removing subsidy from the budget and then opening the door for marketers to bring the products to sell at a profit, saving the country trillions of naira in fraudulent subsidy payment. Due mainly to the trust they reposed in him, Nigerians have accepted this change in the belief that the president means for them. Again and again, transparency, this is first time in Nigeria’s history where every Nigerian can account for day-to-day activities of the government. I said all not some of Nigerians know the modus operandi of this administration. From May 2015 to date, Nigerians never experienced something like secrecy in government activities. Even goat, know that there is transparency in this government.

I felt very uncanny, that I am not good writer to tell about PMB, how I wish I became one, I will filled my papers with his feel-good story. If I am educationist, I will insist that our social studies and history curriculum should be reviewed, so that we can teach our children the story; that once upon a time, there was a Nigerian leader who epitomized selfishness, discipline and decisiveness. PMB is a legend, hero and a current affairs. The younger generation needs hope, and there is a lot of it in this man. In my heart of hearts, if there is one book I crave to write days to come, it would be titled “How PMB turned Nigeria from negative to positive in 365 days” written by Comrade Ibrahim Haruna Maijama’a. It would be a great leadership resource that will benefit not just the future generation of Nigerians, but humanity for eternity.

God bless PMB!

God bless Nigeria!!

Comrade Ibrahim Haruna Maijama’a



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