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Home Opinion Katsina At 34: The Sun shall rise, again! 
Katsina At 34: The Sun shall rise, again! 

Katsina At 34: The Sun shall rise, again! 


Katsina At 34: The Sun shall rise, again! – By Malam Baba 

“When the Will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death; that is heroism.”
— R.G. Ingersoll

Who knows when the sun will rise again, and break this incantation of darkness that has gripped this great land of Great Saints Danmarina and Danmasani?! Even the most sanguine of optimists, is left with no choice but conclude that our land has been destroyed by the reign of the dark order ruling it. The tragedy began on the fateful morning of 29th May 2015, when our destiny fell in the clutches of the worst leadership never seen in our thirty four years of existence as the epicenter of the nation’s political kinesis. As the constitution provides renewal of mandates after the first four years of destruction, the society squandered that golden opportunity, and abandoned its destiny at a time it was constitutionally licensed to reject the junta and all its attachments, into the pit bottom of filthy political trash bin of history. And the accidents of history renewed their license to continue their carnage for another four years unperturbed, the rest is history.

But history do repeat itself they said, but it doesn’t. Because it’s failure to learn from the lessons of history, that makes it seem like repeating itself. That’s the short chronicle of the peccant megalomaniac political operators, that destroyed our land in our six years of political melancholia. This reality, even shamans and most ferocious of their charlatans and attack dogs, cannot wrangle. But the good news is, this calamitous reign of ochlocracy and criminal syndicalism where the wealth of the society is for the tiny clique in and around power, is not new in this great citadel of resistance that rejected Sarkin Katsina Yusufu for people’s missing fowls, hundreds of years ago. Anyway it’s a literature for another day.

That’s Katsina! A land where leaders are the servants, and the led are the masters who ask questions and demand for answers! This spirit of our founders, is still hovering over the skies of this den of resistance for human dignity. And it’s with that spirit, we shall reclaim our land from the polyphagia of the most predacious political purloiners, to have ever ruled in our thousands years of history. That’s neither a threat nor a warning, it’s a proclamation signed and sealed by our immortal ancestors centuries ago, that there should be no space for rapacious and barmy leaders in our Theater of governance. And that would not be done, by relying on the two major parties that shut the door to an open contest to field eligible, credible and dignified candidates to be shouldered with the trust and destiny of our society.

You should be delusional, myopic, living in an arrant superficiality, to expect or even think there’s the powerless poor of the society, in the equation of this gang of muckrakers that destroyed our land and its dignity in just six years. I know power makes people blind. It intoxicates, addles the mind and takes full possession of the powerful, especially if they want to play God. This is why I’m shocked that some E-Slaves are already daydreaming about entrenching the accidents of history on our great land in 2023, when at the speed apologies in power are destroying our land, they have no guarantee that Katsina will still be alive by then. Or maybe I should not be surprised, because what better can one expect from this bungling class of crass elements. The usual leading contenders, as typical of this confounding breed of persons, are pretending that all is well, although they know much better having been the contributors to, and cause of Katsina’s woes.

The truth is that, logically, if you find APC disappointing and must try another party, you must, necessarily, end up with PDP. This is the dilemma any normal Bakatsine face. How can we go back to swallow the same vomit that we spewed out only a short while ago, because of the odious bile that it had become in our guts? However, these are abnormal times. And it seems that we have been presented with a situation where we must scoop up our own faeces and eat it, in order to survive as the epicenter of the nation’s political reaction.The question I keep asking myself is, how did we get to this sorry impasse in so short a time? I simply have no answers. Where then do we go from here? Do we allow APC to run away with gross incompetence or gobble up our puke by allowing PDP to come back, with the attendant risks of returning to those alleged authoritarian days? This obviously is a Catch 22 situation. No easy answer, no simple solution.

But I’m under no illusion that we have more than these two political parties, and that these parties can produce the next occupant of the government House, and other custodians of our wealth and destiny. The pessimists kept talking about party structure, as a condition to delete this dark order from our shores. Know that there’s no worthy and formidable structure, more than the structure of the indefatigable people of this great land, who defied the three elements of nature to bring this junta to power, free of charge. Know that the so-called party structure is made of the people, and these people were not created as a party structure in heaven and thrown to the world as party men. In a polity like ours, party structure is no more than an apparatchik to augment and officialise electoral robbery. Take the ownership of the polity, by taking the ownership of any virgin party besides the two conventional options playing Russian roulette, with the destiny of our land. Search the society, search villages and towns, search every hamlet and every house, and you would certainly find credible people with impeccable integrity and trust. Field them on any virgin party platform, repeat half of the worthless sacrifice you made in bringing this disaster to power, and see how victorious you would emerge. That way you elect your servants not bosses, who are easier to hold to account directly, answerable to you, not report to any Party’s Barons with society’s destiny in their pockets. You did it in the revolution of 2015, and you can do it again.

But if you see this noble and worthy sacrifice as daunting and difficult, think of how difficult it is to survive under these accidents of history for the next eight years again. Let no fraudsters pollute your ears, with the lies of being any party machinery that made the revolution of 2015 possible, so that they continue gallivanting round government offices scavenging for political booty. These political bounty hunters, are no more than gatemen collecting tolls by selling the destiny of the society, and should make the list of betrayers to be put on trial, when the day of retribution arrives. It was by the blood and sweat of the peasant farmers, working class, non partisan social commentators, retired civil servants and pensioners, butchers, herders and miners, intelligentsia, traders, students, the young and old, the market men and women, labourers, hawkers, wielders and masons, sellers and traders, vendors, and not these merchants boasting with a worthless party card as the card carrying members, who are licensed to be part of the rendezvous with the wealth of the society. The rebellion of 2015, was a collective decision and sacrifice of Nigerian people, to change their destiny after being scammed in the world’s most successful scam, the rest is a literature for another day.

To the essential Youths whose destiny is more threatened by this misrule, know that slavery is a choice, with the freedom and liberty to either cut the chain and be free, or dwell in it by trading your conscience for a bowl of soup. The vicious circle of promoting your slave masters to continue enslaving you have no end in sight, with the way you’re daily promoting official and unofficial crooks in and around power to entrench themselves in power to eternity. And you will continue when they handed you over to their children and their grand children, to remain in power that you too are bonafide stakeholders. Beware of the evil agents of the junta, who are recruiting and trading you to power and politicians for hatchet men’s job, of advancing falsehood and deception. The choice is entirely yours, stark and clear.

To the forces of darkness serving as attack dogs, defenders of lies, advancers of deception and fallacies, collaborating with the junta, for the soul of our great land, know that the victory of truth over falsehood is imminent. Know that you’re our brothers, and we love you. We can understand you’re only succumbing to the pressure, of junta’s artificially created poverty. Know that we are both victims of the misrule, facing the same harsh realities of life, facing the same insecurity, going to the same market. With an egalitarian society established, you need not to be a slave of power to live a life of dignity and prosperity. You should down your tools of fallacies to join the forces of light, and emancipate yourselves from the bondage of slavery. It is your children, your brothers and sisters that are economically exploited, educationally plundered and politically raped. It’s time up! For the wind of freedom and liberty is blowing and will sweep you away, like pack of cards. There’s no third chance, as it’s only light that strikes trice, tragedy doesn’t.

As the countdown to the expiration of the dark order destroying the very foundation of our existence as a society begins, the world is watching this great land of immortal giants and caliber, to ascertain if freedom and liberty were really born in Katsina. I believe they were, and we shall grab them as a birthright not as privilege. Because We Can! And Victoria Acerta! ✌️✌️✌️


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