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Home Opinion Katsina State APC Congress: A Race between Loyalist, Defiant and the Revenant – By Saifullahi MATO
Katsina State APC Congress: A Race between Loyalist, Defiant and the Revenant – By Saifullahi MATO

Katsina State APC Congress: A Race between Loyalist, Defiant and the Revenant – By Saifullahi MATO


Katsina APC Congresses: A Race between Loyalist, Defiant and the Revenant – By Saifullahi MATO


It’s just a week or a Month ago, as the case maybe, that members of our Party, The All Progressive Congress, APC, nationwide conducted elections of their newly party officials at the wards and Local Governments levels accordingly. These Leaders are elected to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years.

Now that the Party is preparing for the third Part of this activity soon, the States Congress, I think it’s much important and crucial for every loyal Member of the Party to come up with ideas and advises which that if the Party’s Stakeholders/Government employed it during the next Congress, the party will definitely last long as we are all wishing and praying everyday by the grace of Almighty God, otherwise it may possibly be the beginning of the Party’s failure. The two just concluded Elections were done in most areas of the State by consensus, only few direct elections were conducted and no any petition before the Party’s Election Petition and Appeal Committee. The secret behind this 90% success is that Consensus of course.

As we all believed there is no Party at the right Position better than the APC in katsina, as such I am using this opportunity to call the attention of our Party’s Stakeholders and the Government itself especial the Executive Governor of Katsina State Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello MASARI, CFR. to endorse this consensus again, but I mean the consensus of continuity of the current leadership of the Party at State level to avoid giving spies people a chance they have been looking for, and most of them only remain in the party hoping to use this single opportunity when it comes. To be frank and sincere It’s only in Katsina State where common aspirants terribly giving the Party and the incumbent Governor the instructions on Congress as conditions of their certainty. That will never ever happen in Kaduna, Kano or even Jigawa State and their Party is winning election all the time. Did that happened in Lagos? Capital “NO” and is still leading the Election.

The State Congress is undoubtedly the most dangerous among the political Affiliation, this is the right position where the Governor has to show all his might, not spare even a single shoe space for these people, because at this point most aspirants and the revenants begin to have developed or lost their various interests, and the time to start exposing their hiding agenda if their wishes didn’t materialize. Their respective ambitions come first before the Unity of the party traditionally, they considered this opportunity as their last Chance, they also put all their confidence on it outcome do or die. Therefore the next Congress will definitely be tough than all the previous Congresses.

Your Excellency, Sir, incase you might have read my Position, you should remember the faith and loyalty of the current leadership of the party from the beginning to date, they worked tirelessly day in, day out for you and your success, they did whatever possible when you were almost alone, stranded in those Days. You have to think for their political future after all since you are retiring. Most of their enemies hate them because of their loyalty for you. Sir, it’s their turn base on the political nature and time. This is the right time for you to compensate these people, show us you love them for even at least 30% out of 100% of the love they have been showing you for all this long.

Sir, You are the over role in charge of the affairs and the commanding officer of the Party in Katsina, you’re the only Godfather of these people unlike their opponents. You should disregard their Enemies and never allow any aspirant or so-called Stakeholder to give you the instruction on how to manage the Party’s Congress. Many Stakeholders ran away from you when these people enthusiastically cover up your leadership style and often everyday complying on your order, while others publicly accusing you at the time you’re desperately in need of their supports. Remember the beginning and the time you were contesting in 2014 and after.

The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.


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