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Home Opinion What FG should do to curb kidnapping and banditry- Amb. Abdullahi Bindawa
What FG should do to curb kidnapping and banditry- Amb. Abdullahi Bindawa

What FG should do to curb kidnapping and banditry- Amb. Abdullahi Bindawa


Given this, apart from domestic efforts, interventions of international communities are further needed to proffer a lasting solution which was disclosed in an ADM exclusive interview with UN security expert, peacekeeper, Amb Abdullahi Bindawa.

Bindawa noted that “Arms Control Awareness and Campaign is the first solution the government should consider citing an example that the Niger Delta conflicts were resolved through negotiations and campaign awareness; the IRA conflicts in the United Kingdom were resolved through negotiations, the Etta conflicts in Spain were resolved through negotiations, the US government is still fighting Al Qaeda even after the death of their leader with the reported death of US citizens worldwide.”

“After fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan for many years, the US government is now negotiating with the Taliban to find a lasting solution to the conflicts. This is a war the US government cannot win without Arms Control Awareness.”

Amb. Bindawa also suggested that constitution of an International Commission of Inquiry into the issue of Boko Haram Conflicts, Kidnapping, Banditry and Implements its recommendations with trusted members which can include:

A Judge of the International Court of Justice as Chairman, National and International Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Traditional rulers of the geo-political zones, Security Experts/Consultants, Senate and House of Representatives members, Prominent lawyers, journalists, few members of the public.

“Let us stop this war and let all Nigerians witness the commission of inquiry lives on TV with all the stakeholders including Boko Haram and other insurgent members in detention or those who are ready to embrace peace”. He noted

Secondly, the danger of forest, intelligence reports revealed that abductors were always held hostage in a forest. Thus, the most expressway is now known for kidnap points by miscreants, courtesy of the endless forest on that stretch. Also, Statistics have shown that Nigeria has the highest per cent of the forest in sub-Saharan Africa occupied by terrorists and miscreants. This means that our forest aid terrorism and criminalities; meaning also that school abductions and kidnapping would continue in Nigeria. if nothing positive is done in our forest. He said

On the whole, since forests is been identified as one of the flashpoints, it’s high time the government at all levels maximized the forest for agriculture and other uses that would bring development, job creation, and increase in GDP, this will drastically reduce insecurity. he added.

“What Nigerians need is jobs, good education, electricity and good roads, jobs being the most important. We can create jobs in their millions by making Arms Control awareness through the positive way of agriculture in North and South, open coal mining for green coal electricity generation in the East. Once we do this, Boko Haram and other insurgent members will take jobs and join other law-abiding citizens of this our great Nation”.

We can have peace!! Boko Haram members are ordinary Nigerians just like all of us looking for daily living. Poverty has no doubt led to the foundation of Insurgency in Nigeria.

If the government considered the aforementioned the results of these are employments, jobs, Small and large scale farming, retraining for coal miners and grants for businesses. We can do the same in our country and not neglect our people with all the support from the Coalition of Arms Control Campaign.

“Many Nations have sung the songs of freedom, after travelling the valleys of death. Our own time will come in Nigeria when we shall sing the song of Victory”

I am confident; we will sing the song of victory. He added.



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