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Home Opinion Shitu S. Shitu, The Only ‘MASLAHA’ Of APC Leadership In Katsina – By Saifullahi Mato
Shitu S. Shitu, The Only ‘MASLAHA’ Of APC Leadership In Katsina – By Saifullahi Mato

Shitu S. Shitu, The Only ‘MASLAHA’ Of APC Leadership In Katsina – By Saifullahi Mato


Shitu S. Shitu, The Only “MASLAHA” Of APC Leadership In Katsina – By Saifullahi Mato 


When the time came in which the then Party Executive Chairman; Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa has been appointed as the Secretary to the Government of the State by the incumbent Governor of Katsina State Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari CFR in 2015, Shitu S. Shitu was the elected Party’s State Public Relation Officer (PRO), therefore the Party Stalwarts in the State begun a Move that resulted the Replacement of Mustapha Inuwa’s Party position with Malam Shitu S. Shitu for his incomparable personalities.

At that many party’s members including me perceivingly thought of the wrong side of the Decision, but when the Movement Accomplished and Shitu S. Shitu begun to have exposed his leadership style as State Party’s Chairman we had realized that Shitu was the only solution to the conflicts encompassed the Party by that time following his awesome achievements to-date. We had been criticizing the Decision unknowingly that the Decision was for the “MASLAHA” of the Party, and in no doubt it’s still the Maslaha of the Party to vote him again.

Looking at Shitu’s Performance and Experience in confronting any Party’s Dispute are enough to make everyone satisfied with his Leadership style and even his Loyalty, Dedication are also added starmatter of consideration as Cogent evidence of his capacity. Apart from his experience on the disputes Resolution as mentioned, Malam Shitu could fluently speak in Hausa the domains Language in Katsina and Arabic as his most professional Language. He is also able to communicate in English at a very understandable way as the sole purpose of every Language in the world.

Shitu sometimes alias “Malam/Maslaha” Is known as a scholar as well as Islamic Bookman, and at the same time a Business Mogul. He had been in opposition since the formation of APP, he had never been blameworthy, found guilty or conspired Sabotage on his Party as we all know it often happens on other people. Shitu is always available in Katsina, he has a very good and mutual understanding with the party’s members and officials at all levels. Tell everyone you wished, It was Shitu’s knowledge and style of Leadership have been used and employed during the party’s ever successful primary Elections in 2019 as recorded. That is the secret behind the party’s success in Katsina if you don’t know.

Therefore, we should let this gentleman carry on again during the party’s Congress. He is good to go on.


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