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Home Politics ‘Yar’adua scores Gov Masari high in Governance
‘Yar’adua scores Gov Masari high in Governance

‘Yar’adua scores Gov Masari high in Governance


Governor Masari is doing his best for Katsina – Senator Sadiq Yar’adua 

‘Yar’adua scores Gov Masari high in Governance 

The former Katsina central Senator, Senator Sadiq Yar’adua has thrown his behind the Katsina State Governor, Rt Hon Aminu Bello Masari saying that he believed he is doing his best to put things in order for the benefit of the State.

Senator Yar’adua made this assertion in an interview with DailyTrust on Sunday.

Below is excerpt from the interview:

Daily Trust: What is your assessment of the current leadership in Katsina?

Sadiq Yar’adua: I am not in the right position to make any assessment on how the state is being run; that is for the people of the state to do for a government they elected. However, as far as I know, Governor Masari is doing his best. I know him personally, more than anybody else. I know he devotes his time, energy and resources to whatever he is into. I believe he means well for the state and is doing his best to take it from where he met it in 2015 to a greater level. And I am sure he is committed to it. I have no doubt that the governor will achieve whatever he is set to achieve.

Daily Trust: Is there anything you would have done differently in the state if you had become governor in 2015?

Sadiq Yar’adua: Certainly, no two people are the same. The way I look at things may be different from the way Masari or Ibrahim Shehu Shema would look at them. So certainly, I would have done things differently from the way the incumbent governor or any other person would do them. It is only natural. And as you know, everybody has his own priority. Maybe my priority would be in the health sector or education, in which I know the current administration has done very well, in terms of giving correct interventions.

Daily Trust: There are agitations for power rotation among the three zones in the state – Katsina, Daura and Funtua; what is your take on that?

Sadiq Yar’adua: I don’t support the principle of rotation of power or governance. What the state should go for is the best person for the job.

In Katsina, we are one, whether you are from Damari or Dankama, Baure or any other part of the state. We speak the same language, practise the same religion, dress the same way and eat the same food. Nothing differentiates us, so why shouldn’t we go for the best person rather than rotational governance?

Daily Trust: What is your advice for those currently indicating interest to govern the state?

Sadiq Yar’adua: I don’t know anyone who has indicated interest. Like you said earlier, I have been a little bit in the background, so I don’t know if anybody has indicated interest in contesting for the governorship of the state; hence I cannot make any assessment.


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