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Home Opinion The Cost of President Buhari’s Visits to Katsina State – By Dikko Muhammad 
The Cost of President Buhari’s Visits to Katsina State – By Dikko Muhammad 

The Cost of President Buhari’s Visits to Katsina State – By Dikko Muhammad 


The Cost of PMB Visits to Katsina – By Dikko Muhammad 

It is time we pay attention to the gains and losses that our dear state incurred from the cosmetic visits of President Buhari to his “home state.”

During a press conference on the allegations of Mahadi Shehu against the Katsina State Government, the SGS, Alh. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa revealed that the entourage of President Muhammadu Buhari are being taken care of from the revenues of the State whenever he visits the State. I keep wondering why and how we have this arrangement. To my surprise, not a single person has voice out objection to this arrangement so far.

As far as I know, the entourage of the President are supposed to be taken care of; their meals, accommodation, DTA, etc., by the budget and finances of the office of the President. Yet, either our State gives an additional share, or it simply hijacked that role. The visits of the President have become a burden on us. Katsina State, with its meagre revenues, is made to allocate funds every time President Buhari comes to Daura.

A balanced argument requires that we also look at the gains that we have had, or we are having from these returns of the President to his ancestral abode. To be frank is to say that Katsina State does not make any significant gain from the President’s visits to Daura. None of Buhari’s Ministers deemed it necessary to provide a project or two to the State that they have been routinely visiting. It is not that Katsina has no challenges.

Simply put, the President does not care. His Ministers too are not considerate enough to initiate projects from their ministries for Katsina State as a payback to their burden that we have been shouldering since 2015. Most of the times, we are presented with pictures of Katsina elders or the President’s friends, who go to Daura and submit requests for projects that continued to remain on paper.

With this arrangement, it demands that we call for the suspension of these services from our small revenues. If the FGN is too financially unstable to take care of the entourage of the President, then he should simply look for other sources. Our State has had enough losses. It is time we should be allowed to breath and to channel our resources to cater for our most immediate challenges.

In any case, President Buhari does not live in Daura prior to 2015. He lived in Kaduna all this while. He can simply reschedule these visits to Kaduna. Katsina has had enough.


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