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Home Opinion United we stand, divided we fall: A soft tab at politics of Katsina State – By Musa Mohd
United we stand, divided we fall: A soft tab at politics of Katsina State – By Musa Mohd

United we stand, divided we fall: A soft tab at politics of Katsina State – By Musa Mohd


United we stand, divided we fall: A soft tab at politics of Katsina State – By Musa Mohd
Cordinator Gwagware Foundation, Danmusa Local Government

Abraham Lincoln said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

What is happening today in Katsina State is more disgusting a lamentable incidence than losing a million Pound through a fraudulent deceit or retching of one’s belly from the sight of dirty remains. It is even more painful when pride is lost, when responsibility is overlooked, and when freedom is attacked.

We are subjects of the belief that as a political party, sharing common ideology, we are metaphorically birds of the same feather that ‘clock together. But even then, as a family, we are obliged by our distinct responsibilities to struggle and fully realise our individual dreams—still and all, reminding selves of our common providence.

In politics, things run along the same course. And while President Buhari of APC is mobilizing his boys, it is with VP Osinbajo of the same party doing the same business—each working his own way into political world—yet coming together as APC faithful and as Nigerians.

In APC, our party, there is not just much to do for success, but alot to bypass defeat from our adversaries. Violence reigned during-our stewardship—a question that must be decisively answered for people to know how to measure others against us or vice versa.

Opposition are plausibly bellowing a rallying cry that our party is on the edge of the precipice and our politics is of no meaning a sour journey has lacked direction that there have been more harsh economic crises in our time than any decade-long military junta or two consecutive terms of radical civilian governance.

They say-there are poverty, poor educational output, insecurity, dearth of social amenities all this we need to address. But, pathetically, rather than having to focus curiously on these topical issues that engage our attention on the ground, we are myopically being led in various ill-fated diversions. And our relationship sends a signal that we are caught in coldly friendship and there is nagging fear among all of us which give our enemies ghastly fun. And, it must be understood, that even though playing politics is good and we must do it as a people, there is an occasion when we need just to do some things on basis of principle and of reason.

Children of the same father have equal opportunity to inheritance. In any coming together, in any work together towards a common goal, it is never to partially to choose some and sideline others; it not that some would feel the benefit s of CHANGE, while others be misled by an ignoble absurd means. We might be from the same house yet our names differs distinctly as Umar or Abubakar—and there is no ground for John to press on Emeka to be called otherwise. Our differences are the measures of our progress.

There is no harm, therefore, as citizens and ad liberal men, to pursue our individual dream, work our different ways through our different views and styles. It would be only too provincial, if otherwise we fail to realize that this is what is called freedom. And there is freedom in politics, there is freedom in religion, there is freedom in family life.

It is this freedom that gives our activities their true meaning—and the moment we tamper with it we are doomed! In the end, we must, as a people of great political ideology, succinctly believe in this great cause to ensuring justice among ourselves and with all people. If we do, perhaps in the future history of our great party there is success and APC will remain supreme on Nigerian soil.


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