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Home Latest Katsina State; Death of Conscience! – By Malam Baba
Katsina State; Death of Conscience! – By Malam Baba

Katsina State; Death of Conscience! – By Malam Baba


Katsina State; Death of Conscience! – By Malam Baba 

With the gory revelations of the godless theft, and the rapacity of the heartless megalomaniac political operators ruling our land today, the gods are angry! One is at liberty to doubt the filthy revelations, but with or without Mahadileaks, our land is on death knell. There’s no sphere of human prosperity, growth and development indices, that our great land is pairing well.

One wonders, that without the reign of the last order of sixteen years, the junta is shamelessly dismissing, what would have become of Katsina with this tragic reign of these accidents of history?

Katsina is bleeding and gasping to death! And more tragic, is the deep silence and trademark hypocrisy, sycophancy, insatiable greed of the custodians of our societal trust, in the face of this most infamous political tragedy that is ravaging our land. Evil, is not reformable, which begs the question of what make sense in the forbidden resale of this conglomerate of crooks parading itself as a political party, by these merchants of doom?

Conscience was traded, haggled and sold, for a bowl of rice, in place of our destiny, by the voices that matters in our great land where the spirits of the giants, and guardians of freedom and liberty, are still hovering over our skies. More perilous are the recruited e-bandits, trading conscience and dignity, advancing the retrenchment of this dark and odious order, sycophantically selling the Headmaster of the regime to the public, to continue from where the junta stopped at destroying our society.

This trading of doom, by the hawkers of political cataclysm, is the pinnacle of absurdity, never seen by mankind in recent history! And all hands must be on deck, to check the nefarious activities of these e-swindlers, and their various “Zawiyyas” be set ablaze in a blazing inferno, that would delete them from the land, for the prosperity of mankind. These e-slaves have forsaken truth, and are of no use to falsehood.

For the lazy faithfuls that fear of hunger forced to be economical with truth, that are asking for too much from God, know that your prayer of; “May God show us the right path, and give us the ability to follow it” have no space in any religion built on vigilance, bravery and sacrifice. Because right and wrong are so clear from the beginning of mankind, as truth and falsehood are.

With your sanity and health intact, with the divine book and the literature of the giants of the past available, what else do one need to tread the right path and stand with truth, besides Angels coming down and forcing us to be on the right path, and stand with truth?

Whenever this lazy prayer was invoked, know that the invoker is either a hypocrite or trying to evade truth, and follow his convenient wrong path. But this evasion, has long been settled by Almighty God (SWA) centuries ago, at that time he gave us the capacity to make a choice; between right and wrong, between truth and falsehood. If this lazy and escapists prayer holds any water, Prophet Adam (AS) and Eve wouldn’t have been rejected from the everlasting Garden of Bliss.

Because they were left with a choice of eating the forbidden apple and be rejected from paradise, or eschew the temptation and avoid it, to remain in Paradise. They crossed the redline, and they paid the price. And we are not above Prophets and Holy Messengers, to have an Angel attached to us as physical and live instructors.

There is no excuse, for ignorance. With all these, one is at liberty to abandon truth and stand with any mortal of his choice. One is at liberty to distort facts and concrete realities, provide a shield or cushion for the derailment or ineptitude, of any principal of his choice. One is at liberty to squander his ideals, principles and dignity, all in defense of the indefensible, but at one’s own peril.

But as for me; my ideals, principles and beliefs are non-negotiable instruments, that are too precious to squander even in defense of my loved ones. In this enterprise of governance and politics, we all are equal stakeholders with a bonafide license to ask questions and demand for answers, with dignity, reason, decorum, responsibility, and high sense of restraint with superior argument, not with slander and character assassination.

To those happy trigger e-mercenaries, who get angry with the anger of their owners, know that your bosses are our servants, and as our servants they must serve us diligently.

They derail, we ask questions. They evade the vital questions, we insist. They dismiss realities, we respond. They distort facts, we expose. They ignore, we ask history to record. They depart the arena, we invite posterity to judge, and Karma takes the rest, invited or not. And it’s not our duty to ask questions, that must suit and massage the ego of your owners, and paymasters.

To the masquerades, who even though cannot resist a temptation of hiding a lost bundle of N10k found in a mosque, but yet use the garb of a supposedly new social and political orders, to dupe the gullible and dehumanize, vilify, insult, and unleash slander against the personalities of custodians of freedom and liberty, know that your deceit is no longer a blue chip product, in the political stock market of our polity. To the myopic, whose vision start and ends with 2023, know that there would be Katsina and there would be life, up till when the trumpet of the day of judgement is blown.

To the traders of dignity and conscience, who institutionalize mental and conscious slavery, and are just fine with promoting crooks in and around power, who can never even sleep for your prosperity, know that the crumbs of bread you are ready to severe relationships with your friends and loved ones, ready to kill your fellow compatriots for, wouldn’t quench your hunger for even a day.

And I have nothing to say to you, but so help you God in your worthless endeavor. Because these slave owners, would not even pick your calls, till after 2023 when you have an obligation to renew their license to enslave you again. To those traffickers, merchants, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, horse traders, bargainers and middlemen of human dignity and conscience, who are sub-contracting the contract of selling politicians and advancing deceits and fallacies, on cyberspace to supposedly educated youths that should either be gainfully employed, or even employers of labour themselves, you should fear God and stop enslaving these young men with stupendous potential to even be presidents.

To the supposedly educated youths, who have willingly submitted to the slavery of eulogizing the politicians that are not any better than you, defending deception, distorting realities, protecting falsehood and promoting baloney, know that your education and knowledge is of no value to you and the society that educated you. To those ignorantly tying the destiny of the powerless poor to these Executive crooks, recklessly devouring our wealth, know that even the spirits of our ancestors are cursing you from heaven, know that the blood of the innocent slain souls is in your hands, know that you’re part of destroying the destiny of even the unborn generations.

Your sycophantic and embarrassing ways of hawking deceits, and advancing fallacies for a bowl of rice, means nothing to your slave Masters after 2023. They would anoint their cohorts as always, install them and instruct you to sell them to the public. And there is nothing you can do about that! Because you have consciously and willingly resolved, to be in the chains of slavery.

That’s how you would continue to wallow in the vicious cycle of slavery, poverty and penury, since this is what you choose. The choice before you, is stark. You either choose freedom and liberty, or dwell in this slavery of conscience to eternity! And if all goes according to plans, and the dark order is condemned into the odious bin of history, you will be back to your pitiful life of political scavenging for eternity.

And by God’s grace, the forces of light will usher in a new social and economic order of prosperity and human dignity, devoid of e-begging. And the pace, sophistication, at which this vehicle of prosperity would move, is not for the weak and those who tied their destinies to any “Maigida” or any “Zawiyya”.

It’s for those with brave hearts, with blood of freedom and liberty running in their veins, who believe they could be masters of their destinies. The new order wouldn’t institutionalize e-begging, but provide a conducive environment for the brave hearted to work and prosper. Ours is nothing but ask; why and how things are done or not done, to move this great society to prosperity?

Ours is replying with “Freedom”, when they say “Slavery”. Ours is replying with “Dignity”, when they say “Kowtow”. Ours is replying with “Vigilance”, when they say “Free Meal”. Ours is replying with “We too should have ours from God directly”, when they say “God should give them, and they give to us”. Ours is responding with “Heavens is only for the God to decree”, when they say “Ours is not in this world, but in the hereafter”. If all these are crimes, then you may not be wrong to classify us as the most criminal elements, ever seen in our political enterprise.

That’s valid, and we would gladly, happily, and proudly accept this classification. Call us the “wailing wailers”, that is also legitimate and valid. Because you deceive, we “wail”, you distort facts, we “wail”, you evade concrete realities, we “wail”, you oppress, we “wail”, you unleash terror, we “wail”, you advance fallacy, we “wail”, you defend and promote the indefensible, we “wail”. You loot or re-loot the looted public funds, we “wail”. You freshly stash public funds in the name of an outdated and exposed “Change era”, or using the mask of the so-called “Next Level”, we “wail”. That way, you can now see that “wailing” is certainly a legal and legitimate enterprise. That way, the namers and the named; “wailing wailers”, have balanced the equation. That’s how “wailing” works, in the domain of human freedom, liberty and dignity!

Ya Allah! Bear witness, that I am doing my part. Whether I am treading on the right path or going astray, is entirely for You to judge. Ya Allah, guide me unto the straight path. Wether the society sees the light and act upon or dismiss it, is beyond my power.



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