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Home Opinion Dikko Radda PhD, A phenomena!! As we can see fit
Dikko Radda PhD, A phenomena!! As we can see fit

Dikko Radda PhD, A phenomena!! As we can see fit


Dikko Radda PhD, A phenomena!! As we can see fit

Year 2020 has been marked as a global turning point in the life of man. And not just to talk about the restraint epidemics prevailing, namely COVID-19, genocide, Banditry, economic and mental recession. It didn’t come only as such burdensome, but as a snippet of life lesson to reawaken our human conscience and to teach us people perseverance in adversity.

It has come with a lot to teach to the people from family life to social activities as well as politics.It has tested abilities of people and leaders to act in emergency. From the strong decisions and analyses, not just politics then is in question, but leadership in its intense whole. Several organizations are holding meetings, briefings, and discussions on how, where and when in the years ahead politics of Nigeria will be legitimate enough to answer with absolute regard the call to which people’s views and concerns about the destiny of this country summons us.

Despite this challenges a great leader Fortunately, will always put history on their side and use the learning from the circumstances to develop admirable leadership strengths. Such great leaders are often selfless! They are servants who see this weakness and facilitate them to success. They spark action in others by seeing the value of others and aligning that value with the worthy cause. In the presence of great leadership, people feel inspired not only in the worthiness of the cause but in their own personal worth. Certainly this discribe an icon Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda who’s leadership makes others feel valued!

Katsina State, the centerpiece of Northern politics,the tempo is bound to be high—as usual.It would require more than words created from a pen or any laboratory experiment.

Whatever it is, the idea remains to do what serves best as an option to move forward as a great society. Times passed, heroes died, and where we stand tells an unforgettable story about them. The same way, values they’d left are sending messages to the potent minds to carry forward. And from Sarki Mukhtar to Umaru Yar’adua down to the incumbent, Katsina State has been fluxing through the hands of good people. Dedicated patriots of Nigerian state with soaring passion for progress. It was the hard work of these great spirits that have seen a young State born in 1987 race with its elders born score years prior.

Today Sacred has become, to the people of Katsina State to realize the necessity to strengthen and maintain anoble tradition this one. And Nigeria is passing through the most challenging times, through the most unprecedented political impasse—and at this defining moment, we need very much to focus on the sharp end of our problems to save ourselves and the future from the likely unavoidable doom.

We are mirror images copied by many other Nigerian citizens—and Katsina State has witnessed true hero like Umaru Musa Yar’adua. The responsible gentleman had had planted in many other citizens the flag of integrity and hard work that had persisted after his death. And one of the few veterancomrades in whose body we see the helpless dead is the Director-General Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Nigeria Alhaji Dr. Dikko Umaru Radda. This is not in his being a royal scion or brother-in-law to the former president, but in being the exact replica of —in body and spirit—in terms of integrity, charm, hard work, compassion, pity, hospitality, respect, and loyalty to the ideals enshrined in our democratic norms. In his stint as the Director-General of SMEDAN,Dikko’s life has epitomized a big deal in this sense. And this is no qualm connected to his moral standing both as Katsina man and as a nice gentleman.

To reckon, like Sir Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa, Dikko was a village school teacher who, by doingt of hard work and careful planning, surged inevitably to Director-General of a Federal agency; and his service to our country in this regard, has proven an undeniable aptitude for his being counted among heroes of Africa—at home and in the diaspora. Who, in spite of himself—a man, had gotten the unique honour to represent Nigeria at the European Union (EU) general elections and be interviewed by a chorus of press men.

Distinctly for his part, both as Director-General of a Federal agency viz a viz SMEDAN, and grand patron and Chairman Board of Trustees of a strong and powerful NGO Gwagware Foundation, Dikko Umaru Radda has done a lot—he has given his best to Nigeria and Katsina State. And, side by side, it is to be seen, part of his responsibility as a Director-General, he has been ably to worked out the means of introducing empowerment programs to Nigeria through coordinated work together with indigenous and foreign firms in countries like China, France, and the United States of America. His determination has touch lives of millions of citizens of Nigerian state through the Conditional Grant Scheme.

The one local Government one product programmes which main aim is to identify that products each local government has comparative advantage and support them to harnes and realised the full potential of the product. Series of Entrepreneurship development training which instilled entrepreneurship mindset to our timing unemployed youth, as well as start up capital for them to kick start their small business such that they become economically independent thereby contributing their own quarter to the economic development of the nation.

Also Empowerment programmes to vulnerable group of our societies are not left behind, millions of vulnerable women and youth benefited in numerous empowerment programmes nation wide. On the other hand the icon Dr Radda in giving back to his people i.e Katsina state in its entirety founded Gwagware foundation an NGO named after his traditional title Gwagwaren Katsina 1, thausands of vulnerable women and youth benefited from its series of empowerment programmes innitiated by the foundation, in its efforts to uplift the life of the downtrodden and less privileged populace accross Katsina state.

Admittedly, this is a great deed on the part of anyone—and not just to talk about Dikko’s Midas touch as D.G. SMEDAN, but even his distant past would speak for his part as an enlightened political juggernaut with the elan to serve well his homeland. And if Comrade Dikko Umaru Radda would dedicate his life and resources to cooperating and complimenting the efforts of the state government in building a better Katsina State. This piece, hence, is not meant just to talk about who is who and isn’t comes ‘23, but to state clearly what and who just is fit. We are passing through the most challenging times in Nigeria’s political history—and it is clear evidently that for any political party in this country from APC to PDP, PRP, SDP APGA, AC and others, for each of our parties, the chance of winning is slight. And anyone can say, for the part of the great party APC, producing suitable and credentialed candidate is the only option to our success—and in Dikko and some few, his like, we can sort out who. Again, only free, fair and credible primaries can save the party from doom. It is fit to pause here therefore and say, when integrity matters, when these superb qualities needed of a leader are measured, when the right candidate to defend APC is sought for, one would not hesitate to declare Dikko as the right choice. For a suitable party man he is the best bet and he is fit!

Dikko may not have passed all the pedigrees, but he is among the best of our times—and not for his being a feted politician or a D.G. to say, but for being a great leader and citizen of Katsina State who knows just what to do, when and how to do it well.

Citizens of Katsina State must realize that solutions to our current challenges require new responses—degradation of social and cultural heritage, economic meltdown, unaffordable quality education, violence, hunger, poverty and disease. All this we must overcome to remain in the mainstream and pantheon of developed society. And we can only do this by doing what just is good for us, by giving our politics a new look, by desisting from rash,by doing what we must do,by making a hard choice, by choosing who is fit to lead with humility, by counting on a man of trust, integrity and ethuthiasm for quality leadership.

No responsible leader will sit and watch with non-challant aloofness how Katsina state is cascading down the cliff, into an avoidable abyss, thus we must look out for quality leasder to mend its downward trend of economic activities, security and cultural heritage of our dear State.


Musa Muhammad DanMusa


Shamsudeen S. Ahmed Mlf.


Salim Ahmad

(Gwagware media crew)



  1. To be candid the achievements and philanthropic gestures of Dr. Dikko Umar Radda is minimal and unconspicous at katsina south (funtua zone) expecially my local government of indegine (Danja), I dont know whether nothing of his support has been issued to people of Danja L.G.A., may be he has no any proxy therein or if there is any, he is not representing him. Becouse we dont know of any beneficiary to his foundation, hence, as a matter of reminder and demand we urge the writers to inform his Honour that we the people of Danja LGA have indigent and teeming youth that need to be among the beneficiaries of his philantropic gestures. We have been hearing about his foundation but knew not of its commitment. Thanks 080371904741


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