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Home Opinion Mahadi Shehu’s revelations: Courting Wrath of “The Gods” – By Ali Muhammad Garba
Mahadi Shehu’s revelations: Courting Wrath of “The Gods” – By Ali Muhammad Garba

Mahadi Shehu’s revelations: Courting Wrath of “The Gods” – By Ali Muhammad Garba


Mahadi Shehu’s revelations: Courting Wrath of “The Gods” – By Ali Muhammad Garba 

The revelations made by Mahadi Shehu has confirmed what many have always suspected to be the case. And it came at a time when public confidence on Government is at an all time low. Even the Government admitted what everyone else has known all this while – it has failed the people, it has given a lie to all those 2.0m voters that ‘freely’ gave it the mandate to be in power and rule.

From the onset, few serious people expected the Government to achieve astounding result in advancing the development interest of the State. With 60% time, attention and resources allocated to politics and entertainment, 25% on vengeance, 10% on travel and 5% on leadership, many observers simply waited for the inevitable to happen. The rest just extended benefit of the doubt to the Government in the hope that things would be different even though they knew in their minds that they would not.

And the success rate follows and reflects this allocation of time, attention and resources. On politics and entertainment, nearly all elected officials have lost their voices. All leading opposition and dissenting voices in the State have been compromised. All “strong men of politics” are now in APC. Key religious leaders are now ‘Malaman Gwamnati’. All praise singers and other artists that could embarrass the Government are part of it.

On vengeance, no one hears anything from ‘Yaran Ummaru’ in spite of his acknowledged performance and achievements. ‘Yaran Shema’ have been blackmailed into silence or threatened by arrest, asset seizure or other pains. Others have been ignored to suffer in silence or submit to ridicule. Anyone that voiced alternative views or makes any suggestions for improvement is quickly silenced by abusive words and or intimidated into silence.

On travel, the Governor has been to all the places he wanted to go but could not afford as a private citizen. Few complain about the Governor’s absence. And on leadership, it is not clear who is in charge. In any case, the glorious Restoration Agenda, that holds so much promise, have all but been abandoned. The security Initiatives have been lost to the bandits and their partners in Government and within the society. All development indicators are either negative or low. Poverty is very high and rising. Unemployment is also very high and rising. There are no great monuments that indicates the Government’s era. Even his hometown has been abandoned to the vagaries of politics.

Given all these, anyone surprised by the revelations in the Mahdi Tapes should not be surprised when people express disappointment in him/her. Everyone was and is ‘in the loop’. The tragedy upon us all is that no one can do anything about it. We know that, they know that and the outsiders know that. But, happily, we all know that some day soon ‘this too, shall come to pass’. Only then shall we pick up the pieces and start again IF (and it is a big IF) we are serious.

Frankly speaking, one is lost between choosing “Allah Ya ķara” or “Allah Ya kyauta”. I guess all men of conscience would choose “Allah Ya kyauta”. To, Ameen.


  1. All along, it’s been expected to surface no sooner than now. This is a chicken feed. Time will justify it.

  2. Majority if not all people of Katsina State acknowledges the failure of the State Government including the Executive Governor himself. The present administration which we love and cherish before its coming has failed everyone, and can not point to one project, I said one giant and new project it initiated and executed within the State Capital and likely its environs. Really we are embarrassed.


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