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Home Latest Gov Masari in Abuja, meet with top security chiefs, 6 other Governors
Gov Masari in Abuja, meet with top security chiefs, 6 other Governors

Gov Masari in Abuja, meet with top security chiefs, 6 other Governors


Katsina Governor in Abuja, meet with top security chiefs, 6 other Governors

Governor Aminu Bello Masari has attended a meeting with the National security Adviser-NSA and colleagues from the North West Zone and Niger state in Abuja.

The Governor was accompanied by the secretary to government of katsina state,Dr Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa and the special Adviser to the Governor on security Alhaji Ibrahim Katsina.

After the meeting, Governor Aminu Bello Masari granted audience to government house correspondents that accompanied him to Abuja.

Alhaji Aminu Masari explained that the meeting dealt with issues that has to do with security challenges, especially an issue that has to do with banditry in North Western part of the country.

He said because of the inter connectivity with the forest in Niger state, it was included in mapping out strategy to contain banditry in that state too so as not to leave any window for the bandits to continue operating.

Interestingly, Governor Masari revealed that most of the bandits that operate in katsina, Zamfara, sokoto, Kebbi, kaduna and Niger states are from the same stock,adding that everyone caught could be traced and majority of them have their roots in Zamfara forests.

Alhaji Aminu Masari explained that the need of having Niger state on board the meeting becomes critical in addressing the issues of banditry, rape and kidnappings as well as other forms of lawlessness.

The Governor revealed that the meeting discussed thoroughly on matters earlier deliberated upon at the meeting with the NSA, Inspector general of Police, DG-SSS, DG-NIA and the General in charge of Dafence intelligence in katsina last week.

He said that the same top hierarchyc of security were also present during the meeting in Abuja to build on what was earlier discussed, adding that they also reviewed the current operations going on in the states to either sustain it or improve upon it and to cover more areas.

He expressed the belief that the NSA will meet with other service chiefs to build upon what was deliberated with the Governors.

He said that the Governors expects a revamping of the operations currently going on to cover all the states, stressing that the hope is to sustain the operations until victory is secured against the bandits.

He used the occasion to explain the kind of support from members of the public during the operations.

Governor Aminu Masari explained that what is most expected is for some people to stop dishing out information to the bandits.

He said that what government discovered in katsina and what the other Governors are complaining is that without the support of the locals, without information being divulge to the bandits, certainly they will not be able to be avoiding military, police and to be avoiding air raids.

Governor Masari called upon people to stop aiding and abetting the bandits through information desimination in any way.

He said that aiding of commission of a crime, especially killings, kidnappings and rapings is equally guilty of the same offence in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of Allah- SWA subhanahu wata ala.
Alhaji Aminu Masari explained that it is important to not support the bandits in any way.

These he said goes to people who supplies them with food items, drugs weapons and other essential needs in the Forests.

Such informants and suppliers, he said all lives among the members of the public while in the night are conniving with the bandits.

He assured that government is now busy tracing the informants and suppliers to give them the same treatment that are being given to the bandits.

As people who are religious, Governor Aminu Masari appealed for prayers for the current operations against the bandits to succeed.

Hassan Muhammad Tukur
Katsina Gazette/ Fitilar Katsina
Ministry of information
Katsina state


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