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Home Latest The story of #HausaDay and how it is uniting people
The story of #HausaDay and how it is uniting people

The story of #HausaDay and how it is uniting people


The story of #HausaDay and how it is uniting people


#RanarHausa as it was named (#HausaDay) started on social media specifically on Twitter by a young journalist and social media activist Abdulbaki Jari.

The first celebration started in 2015 with the aim of “uniting” both L1 and L2 speakers according to the founder. The recent celebration that marked the 5th anniversary of the day saw more than 400,000 people participate both online and offline.

Online, it got more than 100,000 posts on the day with about 37,000 coming from twitter alone. It was on top of all trends on Nigerian social space that day. While offline many physical celebrations were held in France, US, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger and Nigeria.

In Kano the late Emir if Rano attended the event in person and Abdulbaki Jari was given a tradition title of Sarkin Yakin Hausa (Chief Publicist of Hausa). Durbar was also held in Cameroon and many people where honored in Sudan the Emir Mai Wurno attended.

According to Abdulbaki Jari, his wish is to see the day “recognized globally” and serve as a wake up call to save dying African language who by 2050 more than half of the current 2600 are expected to die.

“All people who can speak Hausa L1 or L2 are Hausa people if they love the language, can communicate with it and love the people.” Jari said. He also said “I want all people who to join us and let us be proud of who we are.”

The next celebration is only months away and Jari said he wants every year celebration to be better and bigger than the previous one.


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