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Home Opinion Silence is Complicity: We must speak out against the Killings in Katsina – Naufal Ahmad
Silence is Complicity: We must speak out against the Killings in Katsina – Naufal Ahmad

Silence is Complicity: We must speak out against the Killings in Katsina – Naufal Ahmad


Silence is Complicity: We must speak out against the Killings of innocent villagers in Katsina. – Naufal Ahmad. 

(Naufal is a youth advocate, the current leader of Young African Leaders initiative (YALI) in katsina, an initiative of the United States Department of State, started by President Barack Obama.)

I think it’s absolutely frustrating that we have to periodically remind  people in power  what the primary purpose of government is, as stipulated in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which clearly affirms that; “The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”.  Government is constitutionally mandated to guarantee the security of the citizenry.

What this implies is that if government fails to perform this constitutional obligation with utmost dedication, it will inevitably loose it’s legitimacy.

I have made no secret of my support for the APC, matter of fact I am one of the earliest registered members of the party, I have served it in many capacities as a mobilizer and campaigner for its founding ideals and principles out of the personal conviction that it will serve the interests of the people better than its predecessor.

The APC has achieved some level of success across sectors but it is nowhere close to what many Nigerians had expected that it would, some of which is attributed to the myriad of structural and economic problems it has inherited and an abrupt free fall of the global oil prices that pushed the country into an economic recession.

I recently have been called out by a lot of my followers on Social Media including politician associates for my critique on the APC government with many suggesting that my Social Media accounts has  been hacked because the tweets and posts coming out of them are not what they expect to come from someone they perceive to be an “unconditional” supporter of the party and its leaders.

My explanation has always been that my views and affiliations to the APC were built on the founding values and principles that it represented rather than the people in it, tribal or regional sentiments, what ever I did for ten party i did in good conscience.

I am only a bonafide member of the APC or a supporter of the party when and if I see that the party operates on those principles, I am obligated to stand with the people when I see things going south.

Security is one of the cardinal campaign promises  of the APC. we promised the people that the party will provide Safety and Security of lives and properties if they agree to vote for it, it was on this promise that the people came out en masse, stood under the sun and voted for the APC, but unfortunately we have not been able to keep our end of the bargain.

The Buhari and Masari APC led governments have abdicated their responsibilities of protecting these defenseless villagers, it has allowed common criminals to raid, maim, lynch, kidnap, rape and plunder the people that voted for them and they swore an oath to protect.

Not only has our government failed to prevent the armed bandits from attacking Nigerians but it has proven itself, time and again to be incapable of handling common criminals riding on motorcycles and killing us.

The negligence has allowed the situation graduate from one that can be contained by the police to sending the military and Service Chiefs to Katsina yet.  unfortunately no significant progress has been made.

The question one cannot help but ask is how can ordinary villagers on motorcycles overpower the Nigerian Police and Army?

The default answer is even more painful and disappointing,  It’s either our Security Infrastructure is weak and cannot protect us or that the government has zero interests in protecting the citizens, either ways it should do better now or resign from office.

Naufal Ahmad.

@9aufal on twitter


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