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Home Opinion KATSINA: Between thousands IDPs and hundreds Covid-19 Patients – Where priority lies?- Yusuf Umar Usman
KATSINA: Between thousands IDPs and hundreds Covid-19 Patients – Where priority lies?- Yusuf Umar Usman

KATSINA: Between thousands IDPs and hundreds Covid-19 Patients – Where priority lies?- Yusuf Umar Usman


KATSINA : Between thousands IDPs and hundreds Covid-19 Patients – Where priority lies?

Earlier this month, when the first case of the global pandemic is reported in Daura town and then subsequently from other towns like Dutsin-ma, Mani, Safana and the rest. The leadership of katsina state government is seen to have been using resources available at her disposal to trace, identify and take (some forcefully) into isolation people believed to have been in contact with the index case. They do so to curtail and stop the spread of the 2019 nCov. So they said !!

Since the first case, Katsina is reported to have a total of 281 confirmed cases, 16 discharged and 10 deaths.

The state Task Force Committee on the Covid-19 is reported to have raised over 200million naira for this cause. With 150 million reported to have been spent on the upgrade, construction and furnishing of the state IDP camp to an isolation centre.

In addition to fighting the rise in cases of the global pandemic, katsina state government resorts to locking down of communities reported to have even a single case. Not enough, the state uses available security operatives and mobile courts to make sure that defaulters are punished and dealt with decisively. Police have reported to impound about 300 vehicles in just this period of time.

However, while effort of this magnitude is put in place to stop the spread of the Covid-19; attacks by bandits in nearly 12 local government areas across 55 communities is taking place every single day.

In just 3 weeks, over 70 people are reported to be killed by armed bandits who supposedly signed a treaty with state government to stop all sorts of attacks in the state. Not only that, 6 people are reported to be kidnapped including a council chairman, 30 injured including a divisional police officer (DPO), thousands displaced in women and children as well as rustling of thousands of cattle ranch meant for farming and rearing.

Despite all of these, the state government who is busy raising funds and forcing lockdowns to stop the 2019 nCov disease has left to perish in scorching sun hundreds of displaced men, women and children as IDPs.

Reports from Clique Media and Katsina Post both relayed that hundreds of women and children who fled their homes are taking shelter at ATC playground in Katsina town and at Model Primary School in Faskari town respectively. Living in the scorching hot sun without food and shelter, the poor displaced are exposed to dangers and subjected to beg every day to feed themselves and their innocent children. This to the knowledge of the government and have failed to do anything so far. What an irony!

In as much as importance is given to the patients of the global pandemic, same priority is needed much to the victims of bandits who the government signed to have pardoned for their previous unexplainable actions. Just the way the 2019 nCov patients have rights to be isolated and taken care of by the government, same right goes to the neglected IDPs.

Governor Masari should as a matter of urgency therefore, ordered the immediate housing and refuge of the hundreds of women and children who already are displaced by incessant attacks on their communities by bandits.

Lives of all citizens matter and it is a responsibility you pledged to protect without fear of favour, your excellency.

Yusuf Umar Usman,
Writes from Dutsin-ma,


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