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Home Opinion Total Lockdown: A Likely Blind Decision By State Government – By Saifullahi Mato
Total Lockdown: A Likely Blind Decision By State Government – By Saifullahi Mato

Total Lockdown: A Likely Blind Decision By State Government – By Saifullahi Mato


Total Lockdown: A Likely Blind Decision By State Government – By Saifullahi Mato

Written by Saifullahi Mato
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Upon hearing the Speech by the Executive Governor of Katsina State, Rt. Hon. Aminu Masari CFR. declaring another lockdown on Katsina local Government after Daura and Dutsin-ma metropolis respectively so as to curtails the worrisome pandemic of deadly Coronavirus as decisive solution recommended by the state committee assigned to look over the situation about this contiguous diseace (Covid 19) under the watch of His Deputy, Qs. Malam Mannir Yakubu. An action inevitably interpreted as another catastrophe is nearby.

My heart began to beat faster than usual, and felt the urge to utter perhaps some useful advices trooping in and out my mind to the extent that I can’t even manage to hide behind silence.

There is no any doubt by all indications from Daura’s lockdown experience is clearly a burden and unrest decision we have never witnessed or even informed before, in our life experience during democratic regimes. Where government is unable to make a proper palliative provision to ease the life of every day-earnings individual living in Daura. Although the state government cannot however affords to feeds every one there, but at least the government is fully aware of those in dire need for food and other necessary stuff.

Therefore, offenders were seen beaten and given coral punishment by security men without taking them to the responsible body for fair hearing and verdict as well. It made me recalled similar to what had happened to me in December, 2017 when the Governor Masari Himself angrily ordered police men to arrest me, been incarcerated and lastly imprisoned without needy and usual justification either, in which during the cause, I lost my Biological son to death, He fell sick, precisely hospitalised at the same day when I have been arrested, Denied access to family or even taking care of him as his father until consequently He passed away! (unforgettable moment).

Not only here or today, I use to say that there is no bad in taking measures to prevent the general public from contracting with the Virus infected persons or premises, the Duty is even listed among the most enormous and core responsibility laid on government at all levels, boldly enshrined in the 1999  Constitution of the Federal Republic of our Dear country Nigeria.

For that, the State Government should have enforced only restriction of INTERACTION without the use of Face-masks, Hands Sanitisers at each and every mosque, church, plaza, theatre, Bank, school or even public office, two metre spaces in between, and above all, prohibition of large gathering exceeded like ten or twenty people instead. Kindly, hailed the good idea and recommendation among the measures that made our borders remain closed to prevent wanderers.

How I wished the State Government would have made thorough consultation and arrangements before taking a step into this likely blind decision, I should have advised not restriction of Movement but Interaction. It would have of course enabled our people kept in touch with their daily and various means.

Prior to the start up of the so called “lockdown” in Nigeria, evidently Amnesty International Nigeria launched its responses to COVID 19 and State’s Human Rights obligations just three weeks ago, described it as Preliminary observations, among the reason was to remind the authorities and the general public on everyone’s boundary to fight against the daily wide spreading of this deadly Virus to avoid any further disturbances. Knowing that people in lockdown areas may need to know what and How to deal with the burden to enjoy their rights as humans.

To my perception and most general beliefs, if you said people shouldn’t come out for theirs means, you must also take it to their Doors step if you want peace, not drastic response. Because Katsina’s people can’t die of hunger.


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