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Home Opinion Katsina State and Her Triple Ailments: Corona Virus, Poverty And Insecurity- By Ibrahim Muazzam Yushau
Katsina State and Her Triple Ailments: Corona Virus, Poverty And Insecurity- By Ibrahim Muazzam Yushau

Katsina State and Her Triple Ailments: Corona Virus, Poverty And Insecurity- By Ibrahim Muazzam Yushau


*Katsina State And Her Triple Ailments: Corona Virus, Poverty And Insecurity

Covid19 or Covid419 In Katsina State?

Thousands of indigenes of Katsina State took to their Facebook page asking the state officials on the authenticity of COVID 19 cases in the state, some believed the acclamation while some are booing to it and see it as a mere shell game.

It all started in the first week of April 2020 where the Katsina State Government under the leadership of Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari during a press conference with some of the state media houses announced the first case of COVID-19 confirmed in Daura Local Government Area (LGA) which as stated, claimed the life of the victim.

Few days later, additional 3 new cases were confirmed within the same jurisdiction as the initial case. These cases were believed to be as a result of direct contact with the first case and they are the Wife and 2 children of the deceased. This rose the case in the state to four (4) all within Daura LGA. Unfortunately, It was that very day the children said to have been infected released a video denying the fact that they tested positive to the novel virus, they also disclaimed the result of the deceased (I.e their father) and challenge the state government for manipulating the result.

On the 15th of April, 2020 another case was said to be confirmed in Dutsin-Ma Local Government Area which called for the imposition of a total lockdown of the LGA making it 2 with the initial Daura LGA.

The person said to have been contracted the virus in Dutsin-Ma LGA denied the fact on a telephone interview with one of his sympathizers. He stated that he was forcefully detained in the so called isolation center and his sample was not even taken for experimentations, then how on earth will he be declared positive?

All of a sudden, more cases were announced as confirmed cases in the state without a proper justification. As of now, the confirmed cases of the state clicked 12. My blessed people of Katsina state, is this case not questionable?

Anyway, I came to realised that the game is all because of the monetary appropriation given to any state with a record of the dreadful plague!

It is in this hectic and heated situations that some imbeciles dummies (Bandits) killed 47 innocent souls in Safana, Danmusa and Dutsinma Local Government on the 18th April, 2020

The big question here is
What will the state government focus more on?
The Covid19 pandemic which many do not believed we have even a case or the increasing and persisting level of insecurity in the state?

The corona virus disease claimed just a single life as recorded in over 12 days of its emanation while the disturbing problem of insecurity within an hour claimed 47 lives.

Where is the HUMANITY here?

Can we say the state government had MISPLACED PRIORITY? Because all their attention is more focusing to the virus without considering how insecurity will destabilize the peace, unity and image of the state.

A state like Katsina which most of it’s indigenes relied on Salary as mean of Income cannot be locked down without providing some tangible palliatives to the masses. These people have family to feed not only hands to wash!

It is on this ground, I call on the state government to not only lockdown the state, but also provide some substantive relief packages to the poor and ensure that all their necessities are provided.
Note that, you cannot force a hungry man to stay home and starve. If you fail to realize this, then I assure you it will be the masses against the government.

And I also call on the state government to review its policies in tackling this triple ailments (Covid19, Poverty And Insecurity).

God Bless Katsina State,
God Bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Ibrahim Muazzam Yushau
400 Level Student
Department Of Sociology
Federal University Dutsinma


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