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Home Opinion OPINION: The killing of ’47’ in Katsina- By Yusuf Umar Dutsin-ma
OPINION: The killing of ’47’ in Katsina- By Yusuf Umar Dutsin-ma

OPINION: The killing of ’47’ in Katsina- By Yusuf Umar Dutsin-ma


*- Yusuf Umar Dutsin-ma*

It has been two days now, since the bloody massacre, murder and killings of poor villagers in Dutsin-ma, Safana and Ɗanmusa Local Governments of Katsina State.

With no words of condolence or sympathy so far from any official of the state government, one will wonder if any action will be taken as a result of.

Yes, the global pandemic might be taking the headlines day-in day-out. But, truth be told, there are other deadly pandemics that have been eating out of the poor masses for decades – extreme poverty which resulted to hunger and malnutrition, among many others.

The responsibility of any government is the SECURITY of her citizens. Yet, for years, the people of Katsina State especially those in Danmusa, Batsari, Safana, Dutsin-ma, Kurfi et cetera have been living in FEAR.

Lives were lost due to numerous bandit attacks and kidnappings. To a point where priorities were given to the victimised rather than the victims. Oh God!! 😰 Uncertainty sorrounds farming and food production as farms & rearing animals were damaged.

And now, even amid the deadly pandemic; with lock downs rendering many to losing their ways of livelihood, the attacks continue and to our dismay no any decisive action is yet to be taken coupled with the government’s lack of remorse to reach out to the victims, to condole and sympathise with.

Yes, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus resulted to the death of only a person in over a week now; but in just 2 days 47 lives were lost to criminal elements whose hideouts can be traced easily and dealt with decisively.

I urge and call upon H.E Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari, to please once again come to the aid of his subjects – the poor masses who voted having firm belief that you will deliver them to peace and prosperity.

It is never too late to make the right decision and ACT your excellency sir. Your people needs you now more than ever, please be STRONG for them.


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