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Home Health Refuse dumps take over Katsina metropolis
Refuse dumps take over Katsina metropolis

Refuse dumps take over Katsina metropolis


Katsina residents risk cholera outbreak, other diseases

Katsina residents decry increasing refuse dumps in metropolis

No fewer than 10,000  residents in various communities in Katsina are currently at risk of a looming disease outbreak due to the accumulation of refuse dumps across the city.

In the last couple of weeks, solid waste has taken over in major highways, street corners, road medians and drainage channels in some areas in Katsina metropolis.

The development, if not properly managed, might, in the long run, compromise the general health of all Katsina residence due to likely escalation of infectious diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis, among others.

Reports from World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that over 2.4 billion people could be at risk of potentially fatal diseases if waste disposal issues persist as is happening presently in Katsina.

Katsina Post has visited some traders at Yahaya Madaki Way which is one of the area affected by pollution from accumulated solid waste, they opined that the health hazards of uncollected refuse being dumped would become apparent sooner rather than later; lamenting that the refuse dump has caused lots of adverse effects to them and the environment.

Speaking with Katsina Post, Abubakar Aminu said, “The refuse condition is getting out of hand, passing the refuse dumps is an eyesore. I always avoid passing the dumps because of the amount of refuse by the roadside. Sadly, there are some food joints right there by the refuse dump where people sit and eat. It is not healthy at all for the human body”.

Some residents of Kofar Kaura area expressed their anger over the situation and urged for government to intervene as quickly as possible. Ibrahim Abba, a Mechanic, said that the sight of the refuse in different junctions around the area was disappointing and sad. “The Government needs to do something fast about this by cleaning up the roads and punishing anyone seen disposing waste because I do not know why people would dispose refuse in such a wrong manner”.

Hajiya Maryam, a trader whose shop is near a refuse dump in Sabon Layi area also appealed to the state government to collect the refuse so that the state can be free from dirt. If there is an outbreak of any disease as a result of these refuse dumps, a lot of people would be affected. Prevention is better than cure as we all know,” She concluded.





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