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Home Opinion The Need For Katsina State APC To Put Its House In Order — By Maiwada Dammallam
The Need For Katsina State APC To Put Its House In Order — By Maiwada Dammallam

The Need For Katsina State APC To Put Its House In Order — By Maiwada Dammallam


The Need For Katsina State APC To Put Its House In Order — By Maiwada Dammallam 

“Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.” — Richard Armour

To say bona fide APC members are having the worst political experiences of their lives in Katsina State is to say the least. I’m so thankful for not being a politician to feel slighted, dishonored, unappreciated and abandoned by the reversely impacting method of politicking in the state viz-a-viz loyalty and reward. However, having worked hard to see the birth of this administration at different levels, I feel I owe it a duty to advise where I’m fully convinced it’s going off the road whether by design or by accident.


In a situation where hardworking and committed members of the party are not only being sidelined but serially embarrassed by being skillfully edged out of the circle of relevance in favor of people they fought tooth and nail to actualize this government, and not for incompetence or any deficits but for vague indecipherable reasons, it’s easy to say APC is building its grave earlier and deeper than PDP dug its own in Katsina State.


The newly appointed ES Pilgrims Board is truly a gentleman as many people averred when the news of his appointment was made public. But being a gentleman is only part of the requirements for a political office especially in as tricky and unreliable situation as the APC/PDP situation Katsina State revolves in. There are other critical considerations which the new ES did not fulfill with the topmost being his role as a leading PDP figure that fought APC/Masari with all at its disposal to see power was retained by PDP/Shema. Isn’t the government being insensitive by rewarding and restocking the armory of its political enemies at the expense of its loyal members that are gradually being politically disarmed and quietly eased out of political relevance after paying their dues in full!


Sure, nobody is going to say APC is lacking competent people that qualifies for positions being given to PDP members seemingly as rewards for putting strenuous effort to see APC remain and idea not the ruling party it is today. I use to think loyalty to Party and candidates in addition to competence are the deciding factors in this matter. I’m no longer sure!


The foreseeable backlash is, while APC cannot be sure of the loyalty of the newly poached members being pampered with appointments and patronage, it should be aware it is concurrently eroding the confidence and support of the competent hands that checkmated a sitting Governor and gave power to it with an unimaginable margin of victory. That the river is calm on the surface doesn’t mean there are no crocodiles beneath. The truth is, APC members are not only feeling shortchanged and neglected, they are also feeling unfairly dealt with in a reversed manner of Rarara’s “mune a ciki, kune a kwana.”


This is not a call for the government to be unfair to any Katsina citizen but, just as returnee PDP citizens deserve fairness, so does bona fide APC members deserve to enjoy the sweat of their labour rather than watch political strangers taking what’s rightfully their own! Soldiers don’t go to war just to win an empire and donate it back to the defeated army. The fight gallantly to win and earn respect and recognition.

Maiwada Dammallam


  1. The loyalty of the APC-die hards and their commitments towards the party and it success is progressively being eroded by this singular act of rewarding the opposition figures with juicy appointments at the expense of those who really brought the administration into being.
    Those in authority might think they are on course and making some progress. But the question is, in what direction?


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